Alabama alum Justin Thomas makes major allegation against college football: ‘I hate to say it’

Justin Thomas recently made headlines for his controversial tweet in support of the Auburn Tigers during ESPN College Football. His history with the University of Alabama actually complicated the situation. The pro golfer also slammed college football for a sharp spike in apparent calls.


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JT is famous for having a family closely linked to the game of golf. Both his father and grandfather played professionally. His grandfather even dated Arnold Palmer once. So golf is in his blood.


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Justin Thomas is siding with Auburn

Justin Thomas has a history with the University of Alabama. The professional golfer spent three good years there during his studies. That’s how you’d expect him to endorse the Alabama Crimson Tides when it comes to the Iron Bowl rivalry.

Iron Bowl is the name given to the rivalry between the Auburn University Tigers and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide in the world of college football.

However, as it turned out, this was not the case. On a call during the game, Justin Thomas openly came out in support of the Auburn Tigers.

09/23/2022; Charlotte, North Carolina, United States; Team USA golfer Justin Thomas hits his tee shot on the fourth hole during four ball match play of the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Quail Hollow Club. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

justin wrote, “That was a terrible decision in Alabama’s favor … I feel like I’ve missed more obvious calls this year than any other season I’ve watched football. (hate to say it) but Auburn got screwed there!”

He described it as a horrible phone call. What actually happened was that the Tigers’ punt returnee, Keionte Scott, called for a fair catch. However, he failed to catch the ball as it went through his hands. The call on the field was in favor of the Alabama Crimson Tide. But when the case was examined more closely, it turned out that Keionte did not touch the ball.

This sparked calls for the original call to be lifted. However, this did not happen and the original call prevailed. Justin disagreed, refusing to set aside his legacy as a University of Alabama graduate student.

He also spoke about how there has been an increase in apparently missed calls this year. He compared the same to previous years in college football and noted a sharp increase.

Justin and his series of controversial tweets

Famed pro golfer Justin Thomas is not unknown for his controversial but conspicuous social media presence. The founder of the Justin Thomas Foundation has had a number of interesting tweets lately. His opinions differ on several topics ranging from food to sports. Justin Thomas didn’t spare Thanksgiving either.

He first tweeted a few years ago, calling the festival “overrated”. His tweet sparked many Thanksgiving lovers. As a follow-up tweet, Justin recently adjusted his previously made statement.

June 13, 2022; Brookline, MA, USA; Justin Thomas addresses the media during a press conference prior to rounds of the US Open golf tournament at the country club. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

This time he talked about how he likes the sides at Thanksgiving dinner but wants to replace the turkey with something different. This led to a foodie fight in the comments section of his post


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justin tweeted, “I love Thanksgiving side dishes but find turkey very average and would rather have a steak.”

Steak or turkey, Justin certainly develops a streak when it comes to being uncompromisingly funky with his Twitter presence.


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What do you think of Justin Thomas’ opinion on this topic? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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