Alabama College Football Playoff Chances, Josh Jacobs Has Historic Game

Happy Monday everyone. We’ve already heard Nick Saban’s argument that Alabama is making the playoffs. Here’s what Yahoo’s Nick Bromberg and Sam Cooper think of the Tide’s chances.

Alabama (10-2): 10%

The Crimson Tide won 10 or more regular season games for the 15th straight season after defeating Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Alabama will rank ahead of both teams it lost to on Tuesday and likely just behind Ohio State. If Tuesday’s Crimson Tide is ahead of the Buckeyes — and we’re not completely ruling it out — then those odds need to be increased.

Alabama’s chances are largely dependent on three factors: that Ohio State suffered a blowout loss at home while Alabama lost two very close games away, Alabama’s SOS is 8th against Ohio State’s 34th, and it could be argued be that Bryce Young’s shoulder it wasn’t 100% healthy in the two losses. The narrative across the country this morning seems to be that TCU is going to be win or lose as they finished the regular season unbeaten and shouldn’t be “punished” for suffering their first loss in a rematch against a good team in a conference title game that neither Ohio State nor Alabama had to play. Honestly, that’s hard to dispute.

If the committee agrees with that assessment, there’s only one possible spot on the line that will undoubtedly be occupied by USC when the rankings come out tomorrow. The Trojans are only 14th in FPI with the 57th toughest schedule and against it have suffered a loss. So they’d be a shaky pick to be the first two-loss team to be selected for the playoffs in their ninth year of existence.

To be honest, I think it’s perfectly fine that the committee upholds the precedent that two losses disqualify you. At least that preserves some of the sanctity of the regular season for a while, even if the long-term struggle is futile. We’ll find out tomorrow, and all indications are that you’ll be able to make your New Orleans reservations when Alabama finishes 6th.

Chase Goodbread wrote a nice tribute to Bryce.

“I’m sure he played with a little pain at times, which shows his mental toughness,” said Alabama coach Nick Saban. “The guy’s a great competitor, he’s got great guts and I can’t say enough about what he’s done for our team this year.”

What he did deserves respect.

What he did brought together a team that at times seemed on the verge of breaking up.

What he did will likely never get the full recognition it deserves. Here it gets full recognition.

By all accounts, Bryce is an outstanding individual and makes some amazing plays on the field. His career stats are more good than great, but many have said he’s done as well as can be expected with the skill weapons given to him. It will certainly be interesting to follow his draft rating, as will his NFL career.

Since the only football game left is most likely an exhibition featuring a different-looking Alabama team, it’s safe to say we’re officially switching to basketball mode. As you know, the Tide beat top-ranked North Carolina yesterday in a 60-minute battle of attrition. Matt Noriander at CBS keeps posting like it’s 2015 or something.

Perhaps the worrying thing is that even though Alabama is a top-25 team, UNC shouldn’t be able to take just one more game than Alabama to win their games. The Tar Heels led by six in the third overtime and let that lead crumble. That win was Alabama’s first win over a No. 1 team in the regular season since 1994 and first overall since beating Stanford in the 2004 NCAA tournament. Tide coach Nate Oats said he’s never been at a four-OT before game been involved. Alabama will be trailing 2-1 in the PKI with a win over Michigan State, along with losing to No. 20 UConn Friday night.

For a man paid to write about college basketball by a newspaper the size of CBS, he seems pretty clueless about the talent on Alabama’s roster. The Heels came into this game as 1.5 point underdogs despite placings. Either way, Alabama has more giants to kill. As Mike Rodak notes, Nate Oats and company might not have to wait long for their next shot at the top-ranked team.

North Carolina, which struggled against Portland in the tournament’s opener and then lost to Iowa State, will almost certainly lose its No. 1 seed on Monday when the AP poll is updated. If current No. 2 Houston moves to the top, Alabama could face their third-ranked team of 2022 when they travel Dec. 10 to play the Cougars.

Imagine thinking just a few years ago that Alabama would legitimately compete, much less beat, Michigan State and North Carolina without it seeming like a fluke. Hopefully the team can continue to make progress on offense, but performance so far is very encouraging.

Finally, Jalen Hurts is breaking records out here…

Hurts became the first player in NFL history with at least 125 rushing yards and 125 passing yards in the same half of a game, and he broke the franchise record for rushing yards by a quarterback with the fourth-highest total for a QB in an NFL game regular season.

The Eagles quarterback rushing record was set by Michael Vick in a 38-31 win over the New York Giants on December 19, 2010. Hurts turned against a Philadelphia QB in the 11th 100-yard rushing game. His name now appears twice on the list, same number as Vick’s, and Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb each appear three times.

…like Jaylen Waddle…

Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa stepped out from behind the podium after his Sunday press conference, presumably to find Jaylen Waddle, former Alabama teammate and current Dolphins.

Tagovailoa hoped to be the first to tell the wide receiver he broke the franchise record for yards received in a player’s first two seasons on Sunday.

… and damn baby rhino! 300 meters in one game? Have mercy.

The last 86 of those yards came into overtime when he called the game.

This man earned his post-game ice bath.

That’s it for today. have a great week

tide roll.