APPEARANCE: The University of Alabama plane lands in South Bend ahead of the Tommy Rees interview

The news came shortly afterwards Tommy Rees was AlabamaThe Crimson Tide, the top pick for her offensive coordinator position, shows up for the Notre-Dame Assistant.

To illustrate ESPN’s Chris Low reported Thursday afternoon that Fighting Irish offensive coordinator Nick Saban is the number one target to replace Bill O’Brien, who left Tuscaloosa for the New England Patriots. Afterwards, On3’s Matt Zenitz confirmed the report, adding that Rees will be meeting with Saban in person to discuss the gig.

Well, it looks like that meeting will happen sooner rather than later Pete Samson from the athlete provided photographic evidence of an Alabama plane that had landed in South Bend and was ready to take Rees south to meet with Saban.

“A plane from the University of Alabama has landed at South Bend Airport and Notre Dame offensive coordinator Tommy Rees is boarding to fly south to interview Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa.” tweeted Samson. “The source says no decision was made from Rees’ side of the equation.”

Tommy Rees has a passion for Notre Dame in his blood, but could he turn down the opportunity to work with Saban? It could be the next step in a more than promising coaching career and he could prove he’s one of the best offensive heads in the country.

Unfortunately it will be an interesting story to follow over the next week. Either way, Tommy Rees is a coveted asset in the college football world.

More on the gig from Tommy Rees, Alabama offensive coordinator

Additionally, playing offensive coordinator at Alabama is possibly college football’s most coveted assistant job.

Many are vying for it, but earlier this week it was revealed Washington Offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb turned down the job. Following this, ESPN’s Pete Thamel had an update The Paul Finebaum Show on Wednesday before the news of Rees broke.

Before Grubb said no, Thamel thought he would have been a “favorite” for the role. However, he said he understands Grubb’s decision to return to the Huskies given his situation with Kalen DeBoer, including a Heisman Trophy finalist at quarterback in Michael Penix Jr.

“I would have said two days ago that Ryan Grubb, who would have flown from Washington to Tuscaloosa for the job, would have made him a favorite. His decision to stay in Washington — where he’s making $2 million and has Michael Penix, who’s better than any quarterback in Alabama — appears to be in a situation preparing him for a job in that West Coast corridor and such could be part of the world where he comes from. That decision made a lot of sense.”

One of the hottest names while searching was Oklahoma Offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby and Thamel said his name continues to come up in conversations. But there’s another name stirring up the conversation: Former Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman, who separated from the team last month to pursue other opportunities. Roman’s success in the running game could be enticing for Saban, Thamel said.

“I think I said last time on your show, Jeff Lebby is still a name that’s been floated pretty loudly there,” Thamel said. “The talk in NFL circles is Greg Roman stepping down from the Ravens? Nick would like this kind of running game.

“Nick, I trust him. He has consistently considered these jobs and tends to talk to people to rack his brains and learn. He kind of always used those jobs as a schematic stimulator for him I guess. … He seems to be in the litters of it.”

On3’s Nick Schultz contributed to this article.