Ex-Crimson Tide QB breaks Alabama’s college football playoff chances

Alabama could find themselves in an interesting spot in the next College Football Playoff rankings. Former Alabama quarterback and ESPN analyst Greg McElroy was asked if the statement “Alabama doesn’t have the resume to be in the college football playoffs” qualifies as low-hanging fruit or truth.

“I think in a normal year it’s true. But this is not a normal year,” McElroy said. “It’s almost like we arrive at four playoff teams through a potential elimination process. Right? Like LSU was primed and positioned to get into the college football playoffs, and they stubbed their toe. You see, I obviously mean USC…that thing, we’re going to spend so much time thinking about what the order is between Alabama, Ohio State and Tennessee. Those are really the three teams that will have a legitimate argument that I think can be made for an entry if Utah for some reason beats USC in the Pac-12 championship game. I think the top three are in, regardless of this weekend’s result, they’re in. So I’m looking at this: Alabama right now, not their fault, their best win is against an 8-4 football team. This team is Texas, okay?

“You looked really good at times,” McElroy said. “I thought they looked great in the Iron Bowl, but I also think there were times when they didn’t look that good. And I honestly thought the Iron Bowl might have been one of their best performances of the season. Defensive certainly left something to be desired, didn’t do a good job against the run. Thought they would, didn’t. But ultimately, if you look at Alabama, they’re one of those teams that the more chances you give them, the more likely they are to find out, and I think if you send them to the playoffs, they have a chance, potentially a lot to become dangerous.

“But can you justify at this point a two-lost team whose best win is against an 8-4 against a one-lost team at Ohio State, even though they were blown out their best win is against Penn State, who is much better as the best win Alabama has in Texas? So I think it’s going to be really interesting,” McElroy said. “I’ve always been someone where losing count should be more important than losing amount. That’s always been my hallmark. Losing team when the opportunity arises If you make a mistake once I can excuse that because you might… it might change your dressing room and you might be better off as a result of that slip getting one time and then getting it again, that to me is a sign of bigger problems I don’t think Alabama’s résumé warrants playoff consideration in a normal year.

McElroy went on to point out the shortcomings with Ohio State and Tennessee, including Ohio State’s lost margin against Michigan and Tennessee’s two losses, including one against South Carolina.

“Ultimately, if USC falls short in this weekend’s Pac-12 championship game for whatever reason, I’d be really surprised if any of the SEC teams overtake Ohio State.”