Football vs Auburn on 11/26/2022 – Box Score

Maroon at 14:56

1st and 10 at AUB25

Auburn Drive starts at 2:56 p.m.

1st and 10 at AUB25

PENALTY Auburn False Start (Council, Brandon) 5 yards from Auburn25 to Auburn20. NO GAME.

1st and 15th at AUB20

Shotgun hunter, Jarquez, rushes right for 19 yards to Auburn39 (Battle, Jordan), out of bounds, 1ST DOWN.

1st and 10th at AUB39

Ashford, Robby pass incomplete short right to Moore, Koy QB rushed by Burroughs, Jamil.

2nd and 10th at AUB39

Shotgun Bigsby, tanks charge 10 yards right to Auburn49 (Lawson, Deontae), 1ST DOWN.

1st and 10th at AUB49

Shotgun Ashford, Robby pass full deep middle to Moore, Koy for 17 yards to the Bama34 (To’oTo’o, Henry), 1ST DOWN.

1st and 10th at Ala34

No huddle shotgun Ashford, Robby pass short left to Bigsby, tank for 3 yards to Bama31 (Hellams, DeMarcco).

2nd and 7th at Ala31

Shotgun Ashford, Robby short right pass to Hunter, Jarquez 6 yards to Bama25 (Branch, Brian).

3rd and 1 at Ala25

Shotgun Hunters, Jarquez dashes right for 2 yards to the Bama23 (Lawson, Deontae; McKinstry, Kool-Aid), 1ST DOWN.

1st and 10th at Ala23

Shotgun Bigsby, Tank charges 2 yards left to Bama21 (Battle, Jordan).

2nd and 8th at Ala21

Shotgun Bigsby, tanks charge right for 1 yard gain to Bama20 (To’oTo’o, Henry).

3rd and 7th at Ala20

Shotgun Ashford, Robby Pass full deep right to Johnson, Ja’Varrius for 20 yards to bama00 TOUCHDOWN, 09:34 hrs, 1ST DOWN.

1st and 10th at Ala3

McPherson, Alex Kicking Good (H: Chapman, Oscar, LS: Quattlebaum, Jacob).

1st and 10th at Ala8

Timeout other, 09:34.

1st and 10th at AUB35

McGuire,Evan kickoff 60 yards to Bama05 Gibbs,Jahmyr hit back 19 yards to Bama24 (Tisdol,Desmond; Steiner,Wesley) PENALTY Bama Illegal Block in Back (Turner,Dallas) Bama15 7 yards to Bama08.

1st and 10th at AUB35

Ala ball on Ala8.