Gut reactions to college football Week 13 as the playoffs take shape

College football Week 13 has always had some pivotal moments, but there’s more at stake than just Michigan beating Ohio State.

When you got into “The Game” between Michigan and Ohio State, you knew it would have a huge impact on the college football playoff race.

But few expected the Wolverines to dismantle the Buckeyes the way they did. It’s one thing to lose to a top five team, but losing a home game and losing the second 28-3 doesn’t bode well.

On a positive note for the Buckeyes, however, Clemson, LSU and Oregon — other potential contenders — also dropped all games.

At this point the College Football Playoff race has become pretty clear, and here it is after College Football Week 13 and other gut reactions.

The college football playoff race is on

Georgia. Michigan. TCU. U.S.C. It’s that simple. As long as these teams keep winning, this will be the field of the College Football Playoffs.

LSU had a chance to crash the party as a two-loss team, but that hope ended against Texas A&M with Jimbo Fisher perhaps saving his job. A 5-7 season sucks, but beating the No. 5 doesn’t hurt.

USC will jump into the top 4 after beating Notre Dame. The most interesting part of the ranking is where will Ohio State end up? The top four spots seem pretty clear, but the committee has already ranked Alabama ahead of another team with a loss (Clemson).

I understand Bama has two losses but is two games away from going unbeaten. The State of Ohio was evicted from its own edifice. It’s not looking good, but we’ll see what the committee says.

That being said, as long as TCU and USC keep winning, they’ll be in it, and honestly, I don’t see Georgia or Michigan missing out on the playoffs at this point, regardless of what happens.

At this point, there are five teams with fewer than two losses in college football. Suppose Michigan goes to Purdue and the rest of the teams win. Who would get past the Wolverines? State of Ohio? No, and I don’t see Alabama doing that.

Michigan’s wins are better (Ohio State, Penn State and Illinois). Nobody has a better victory than defeating Ohio State, and that includes Georgia. The Bulldogs should stay at No. 1 but the Wolverines are spot on and both bunks are likely locked up.

My thought is that it’s going to be Ohio State and Alabama in close order waiting and hoping for USC or TCU to stumble, and with the Horned Frogs they might not be out with a loss either and if you need more proof of that , look at ohio state.

Rivalry week led to chaos

Returning to Black Friday, a series of teams with “nothing” to play changed the course of the college football playoffs, or conference title races.

Nebraska knocked Iowa out of the Big Ten title game with a win, while Oregon State may have done the same to Oregon — it depends on what happens tonight. If Washington State staged an upset over Washington, Oregon would still be the team to go due to their win over Utah.

If there is a three-way tie, the Utes would go and try to ruin USC’s chance of making the College Football Playoffs.

But Texas A&M really delivered the shock of college football Week 13 and ended LSU’s playoff hopes. Oregon State beat Oregon, NC State beat North Carolina, South Carolina beat Clemson, and Kentucky beat Louisville.

It was wild.

All of these rivalry match victories were achieved by teams that were either ranked lower than their opponent or had no rank at all. That’s what makes college football interesting.

The ACC is terrible

After Clemson lost at home as a two-touchdown favorite to an unranked SEC team, we can’t say with confidence that the ACC is terrible. It’s a shame someone has to win the league, but Clemson and North Carolina will go head-to-head next week in an ACC Championship game no one wants to see.

And besides, the ACC is a reminder why divisions must end forever. The Big Ten West is also an example. We should see Florida State vs. Clemson for the ACC title game because the Noles are the best team in the conference and won’t be playing in the championship game.

Clemson beat the Seminoles and if the Tigers beat UNC they would earn the ACC championship, but that’s not saying much.

Caleb Williams is the new Heisman leader

CJ Stroud might have two Heisman Trophies if the Buckeyes didn’t have to play Michigan. But after throwing two touchdowns and losing to Michigan, Stroud fails to win the award.

Caleb Williams had another spectacular performance (267 yards and 4 total touchdowns) against Notre Dame and as long as he plays well and the Trojans win next week he has a chance to win the award.

Blake Corum might have a chance, I thought, if he had some kind of miracle cure and got a great play in the Big Ten championship game next week, but I don’t see it.

Williams, Stroud, Corum and Hooker could be the last four. It’s difficult to read and disappointing to see how injuries have affected the race, but the ball is in Williams’ hands.