Post-Game Quotes vs. King – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Athletics

Chattanooga vs. King
Chattanooga, Tennessee | The McKenzie Arena
Saturday, 11/26/2022
Post game quotes

Head coach Shawn Poppie
opening statement

“First and foremost, thank you again for coming and showing support. Thanks for the fans. We look forward to it as we get better, hopefully more and more people will come to McKenzie. We appreciate the support.

“I’m glad I can stand up to her and celebrate a win while we have a lot of work ahead of us. I thought King worked his ass off, tried hard and tried to throw in a lot of defenses. She did many things that bothered us. Lots of room for improvement on our side. I love winning, working and getting better while we win.”

To the energy and effort

“I do not have [like the energy] but it started with me. To be honest, I apologized to my team. The week we had had been a long week. I try to put some of that guidance with my energy where it needs to come from them and not look to myself for energy every time. I’ll bring it up any day, but I thought I’d let them try to lead us in that category. We’re not ready for that, I’ve learned, and that’s okay.”

On the team performance and most to play

“I loved being close to everyone on our list, I think everyone except Lamiah [Walker] had a chance to get out of there, which is good. We did some stretches there with some DNPs in certain positions. It gave them a chance. I thought that Takia [Davis] had a good nine and a half minutes when she walked in. We’re still looking for another wing and it’s kind of wild because it’s the one where we have the most people at that position. Some of this is a consolation thing. They need a few minutes to get their fill, so it was nice to have a bunch of corpses out there. You have a movie to watch and some gaming experience. We’re going to need more from this bench to move forward.”

About Raven’s improvement and rebound

“Raven did a damn good job, especially last week in general when she rebounded the ball. It would have been nice for them to do a free throw there or a few more layups to get a double-double. She’d flirted with one and then gotten one in Asheville. She’s a worker, she’s all about it. From where she came from, it’s quite remarkable. I’m super excited if she keeps going, she can be a pretty good player for us.”

You’re on the road for the next six games

“We better become some road warriors soon. Day trip to Atlanta next Wednesday. We’re going to Alabama on Friday. Some of them are a bit closer. We’re coming to Ohio and Marshall will be a long journey, but they’ll be together. We’ll stay on the road all the time. North Alabama is somewhere in the mix. I think it’s distributed.