Rewind from Alabama’s historic 3-2 win over Duke

Welcome to the Alabama Soccer Complex, where the Crimson Tide women’s soccer team will play for history. The NCAA quarterfinal game with Duke at 6 p.m. CT is for a College Cup spot.

Alabama (22-2-1) won its first NCAA tournament game just a year ago, now has two of them to play for a national title. We’re live from the stadium on campus, just refresh the page for the latest.

Final score: Alabama 3, Duke 2

Second extension

— Alabama wins, 3-2.

— Duke gets a few shots, but Alabama’s Crone stopped both. There are 2:44 left.

— Alabama must survive another 10 minutes to win this game.

Over time

— Alabama takes the lead at 2:16 1st TDC. Reyna Reyes put it in to make it 3-2 Alabama. You must play both OT periods.

— Paul from Alabama just netted another one with 3:16 to go but Dukes GK made a great save.

— Alabama’s Gianna Paul shot into the left at 4:16 but was saved.

– Duke had a breakaway, but McKinley Crone saved for Alabama. That was dangerous.

— 90 minutes was not enough. You are on your way to OT. You will play two 10 minute periods, no sudden death. If it is still a tie, it goes to penalties.

Second half

— We’re going into overtime.

— The tension builds. Alabama just took their 14th corner kick while Duke only has one. Only 2:30 in regulation.

— Duke got a foot off the lead with just over 6:00 to go, but Lynch’s shot sailed just over the net.

— Duke has just 11:09 left. It is Alabama 2, Duke 2 with the home crowd begging for an offside flag.

— Duke only responded at 14:29 to play to reduce the lead to one. Michelle Cooper did it Alabama 2, Duke 1. The excitement is back.

— Alabama added another at 6:49 p.m. Ashlynn Serepca did it Alabama 2, Duke 0 as the countdown begins.

– Alabama just broke the goalless tie with a goal by Gianna Paul with 22:49 to play. It is Alabama 1, Duke 0 and the sold-out crowd went berserk.

— Alabama continues to control possession and overtake Duke 13-4. There are 24 minutes left in the regulation of this goalless draw.

– Alabama gets more looks at goal. Riley Mattingley Parker drilled just one, but straight into the keeper’s hands. Alabama has 5 shots on target to Dukes 2.

— A corner kick from Alabama in the 55th minute slipped through the hands of the Duke keeper, but Alabama couldn’t capitalize.

— Things get lively early on when Duke, anecdotally speaking, has a little more possession.

First half

— HALFTIME: It’s still 0:0. Alabama has 9 shots on Dukes 3 with a 4-2 edge on shots on target.

— Duke’s Devin Lynch shot just wide on the right in the 38th minute.

— Great chance for Alabama when a foul pass was intercepted but Duke’s Jones covered before Gianna Paul could put a shot into the net.

— Riley Tanner just had a clean shot that was saved by Duke’s Ruthie Jones. Alabama controls possession up to this point.

— A yellow card goes to Duke’s Delaney Graham in the 18th minute.

– Duke had his first opportunity, but Alabama GK McKinley Crone recorded their first save of the game.

— In 10 minutes, Alabama has had 3 shots (1 on target) but still nothing in the net.

– Alabama had a few chances in the opening minutes but failed to score on the taped one shot.

— We’re in Tuscaloosa. Alabama attacks from the start.

— The game will be broadcast on ESPN+ if you want to follow along.