The best reactions to another 12-0 in Georgian football

Georgia Football is 12-0 for the second straight season and joins Alabama as the other SEC team to have back-to-back years of unbeaten regular-season records. The Dawgs make history before our eyes and it’s fun to watch as it unfolds.

After the Dawgs defeated Georgia Tech 37-14, Twitter provided some of the best reactions not only to the win but also to the 12-0 again. There are also some other solid tweets from Saturday that we felt deserved a spot on this list.

Georgia has a good football team with some things that need to be cleaned up, but every time a program goes unbeaten in the regular season for two consecutive years, it means something. One of those reactions mentions the golden era, and we have to agree with him because being a Georgia fan is a lot of fun right now.

The Dawgs have a long way to go to yet another national championship and have to walk it week in and week out, but at this point it’s okay to be excited.

Georgian football beats Tech to remain unbeaten and those reactions are fantastic.

Not every Georgia fan appreciated the ups and downs of this game, but since this is a rivalry, victory counts. The Dawgs needed a win but still got a blowout for running away with it in the second half. Check out these reactions to the final game of the 2022 regular season for the Dawgs.

This tweet deserves to be here because it’s important to support Virginia now. What happened to Virginia is a tragedy and I am proud of the Paintline that honored her.

It’s fun to look through these reactions and tweets because they show what made the Dawgs really impressive. Georgia rarely experiences moments like this, so it’s important to enjoy the ride.

The Dawgs will now focus on LSU for the SEC Championship game, but we can enjoy that fifth straight win over Georgia Tech a little longer. This moment is the first historical moment that Georgia achieved this year and it is far from finished making history.