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Into the Archives is an opportunity to see what The Daily Nebraskan has covered in its 121 years of publication. Articles from 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago provide insight into DN and campus history.

10 years ago, November 28, 2012


Groups reserve beds in the new hall

With the opening of the University Suites in the spring — which will become the only other suite-style lodging aside from the Robert E. Knoll Residential Center — nearly 100 beds from the 456 suites would be reserved. The other vacancies would be filled by a lottery system. Fifty beds would be reserved for sophomores in an engineering learning community, and another 48 would be reserved for upper-class students who were evicted from their homes due to overcrowding.


Americans will not survive the end of the world

Columnist Valerie Kutchko said Americans stood no chance against the latest apocalypse: the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

Editorial cartoon


Being Here: An Ongoing Series on the International UNL Student Experience, Part IV – Food: American Food Proves to be a Taste Shifter

A student from South Korea said American food was too oily and made him uncomfortable using a fork. He agreed with a student from Switzerland who said America eats a lot more beef than other countries and the portions here are much bigger.


The coach’s nephew jumps in to start in the middle

Football head coach Bo Pelini’s nephew, Mark Pelini, entered the game against Iowa when starting center Justin Jackson left with a leg injury. Pelini turned down offers from Ivy League schools to go to Nebraska, and his intelligence — not his uncle — got him the starting role.

25 years ago, December 1, 1997


The fund would increase minority recruitment

Chancellor James Moeser announced a draft proposal to provide a $530,000 fund to recruit more women and minorities and graduate students to the UNL. At that time, 32 of UNL’s 140 faculty members were from minorities and 37% of all newly hired faculty members were women. Under the proposal, UNL would hire at least 25 new black, Hispanic or Native American teachers within five years, and women would account for about 45% of all teachers hired.


Minorities at stake: UNL’s racial climate could benefit from additional public holidays

Columnist Barb Churchill argued that the UNL needed to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 20, 1998, to combat Nebraska stereotypes and improve recruitment of women and minorities. Observing the holiday is more than just a day off from classes, Churchill said. Incidents across the state, including racial profiling on hiring in Norfolk and Sigma Chi burning a cross last January, showed the need to change the state’s racial climate.

arts and entertainment

“Alien” fails to revive sanity

Film critic Gerry Beltz gave Alien Resurrection a C- and described it in five words: “Big aliens are killing students.”


The committee rewards NU with No. 2 seeds

After a midseason slip, the volleyball team under coach Terry Pettit ended the regular season on a 10-game winning streak. This was the first time Nebraska had missed a No. 1 seed in four years.

50 years ago, on November 29, 1972


Zumberge excludes student assessment

No tuition increase or special one-semester student assessment would be recommended to cover UNL’s $927,000 share of a projected $1.4 million university budget deficit.


Letters to the Editor: Alabamans react to Bowl Brouhaha

Three Alabama fans wrote after Alabama was accused of avoiding a bowl game with Nebraska by Nebraska coach Bob Devaney and Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian.

“Cousin Bear” refers to Alabama’s then-head coach Bear Bryant.


Devaney ends with no regrets

Despite a disappointing Thanksgiving Day loss to Oklahoma in coach Bob Devaney’s last home game as the Huskers head coach, Devaney said he had no regrets about returning as coach for another year. Tom Osborne would coach the team the following year, and Devaney moved into the role of athletic director.

75 years ago, on December 2, 1947


Third dormitory for men to the pen; will accommodate 136

Housing preferences would go to Nebraska residents, with non-residents being eligible if insufficient residents apply. Rent was about $50 per semester, and facilities included a basement room with radio, game room, and fireplace. Each room had a desk and dresser, and beds were in dormitories at either end of the hallway on each floor. The rooms were cleaned daily by maids and caretakers and the beds were made by maids every morning.

straight stuff

Jim Gwynn updated the students on parties thrown during the Thanksgiving break, which couples were now stable (including Johnny Carson and Margie Alexis, although “being the magician that he is, John may have set her up”) and a new feud between Alpha Phi and Fiji where Fijian liens were found tied in Alpha Phi closets and the Alpha Phis had to wash dishes for Fiji.


Four handball teams reach the intramural semifinals

100 years ago, on November 30, 1922


Armory is used this year: It is no longer necessary to travel to the Coliseum to see Cornhusker cage games

Students would no longer have to take the “long walk in the dark” to the Colosseum to watch basketball games on “cold, cold nights.” Instead, games would be played in the Armory – also known as Grant Memorial Hall – which was located between Hamilton Hall and the Sheldon Art Museum.

The spirit of Nebraska reaches a high point at last night’s rally – corncobs help

“Three thousand cheering and howling students, watched by hundreds of townspeople, marched through the streets to the Lincoln Hotel last night to salute Notre Dame’s Fightin’ Irish.”


Cornhuskers ready to fight Notre Dame: The field of Nebraska will be the scene of a great battle on the gridiron today

According to the dope, Notre Dame was favored to win the final game of the season.