12 one-liners from defeating Tech

Georgia football finally ran away from Georgia Tech on Saturday, but it took the Dawgs a whole half to get things going. Though it lasted longer than fans would have liked, the game still resulted in a thumping victory over the Yellow Jackets, making it five straight wins over the state rivals.

The Dawgs took a conservative approach to this game, and while the Yellow Jackets had some success, it wasn’t that much. Georgia Tech might have scored twice, but it came on the opening run when Georgia wasn’t quite awake and when the Dawgs got their starters out in the fourth quarter.

There were some worrying moments in that game against Georgia, but that wasn’t a cause for concern because it’s all part of the process. Head Coach Kirby Smart has a plan not just for this week but for the entire season, and we’re seeing it slowly unfolding in front of us.

So many fans see what’s right in front of them, but when they take a moment to look at the bigger picture, Smart is playing the long ball. He knows you have to win to get to the playoffs, and Georgia has done that. The Dawgs blew out teams and kept it close with opponents that shouldn’t have been in the game in the first place.

Isn’t that the impressive part? Georgia should have blown out all 12 opponents but didn’t have to, and it’s not because the Dawgs were struggling. No, every opponent went all out because Georgia has a target on their back and none of them really phased the Dawgs. Sure, it’s frustrating to see the Dawgs “downplay their opponents,” but who’s undefeated and who’s not?

Now that the regular season is over, Georgia remains undefeated and is heading for its second straight SEC championship. Before you focus on LSU, here are 12 one-liners to take home from the Dawgs’ 12th win.

Georgia football beat Georgia Tech and these are our 12 single line takeaways.

  1. Georgia has to feed Kenny McIntosh 12+ carries because he’s running with a vengeance – Need we remind you of the 45-yard run and 83-yard catch?
  2. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint has risen and become someone starting quarterback Stetson Bennett can trust.
  3. Kendall Milton is looking more confident than ever after that 44-yard streak, and it’s time to see what else he can do now that he’s healthy.
  4. Bennett has stagnated in the passing game lately, not because of problems but to appease the bigger picture game plan.
  5. Georgia has a serious weapon in Jack Podlensy – this 50-yarder was massive.
  6. The Dawgs’ special teams provided plays, and that awareness of tackling the punter gave Georgia the perfect field position to end the game.
  7. Georgia had to beat the umpires as the Dawgs had six penalties for 70 yards, a few more than they normally have.
  8. Smael Mondon is a stud – he led the team in tackles two straight weeks and will be crucial for the Dawgs this postseason.
  9. Georgia had 11 lost tackles, the most in a game this year, and while the tackles felt lazy, this stat proves otherwise.
  10. Georgia stayed healthy for the most part, which will be a huge benefit in the postseason.
  11. Georgia’s high school gave up 215 yards on Tech, which feels odd, but that’s because the Dawgs made them one-dimensional.
  12. The Dawgs are 12-0 for the second straight season, a historic feat that should tell fans this 2022 roster may be doing better than the 2021 team.

Georgia put together a strong game, and although the Dawgs gave up a trash touchdown late, it was a tail smack. The Dawgs trusted the game plan and executed it to win by 23 points.

These takeaways are similar to those we’ve seen for most of the year, but at the same time we want to offer a lucky 13th note – Georgia gets stronger and more mature every week. The Dawgs may not impress people on a weekly basis as fans see what’s happening in front of them and nothing else, but this team is elite and coming for another national championship.