3 Georgia prison guards charged with hitting an inmate

ATLANTA (AP) — Three Georgia prison guards were arrested Tuesday on battery charges when a black inmate was beaten at a county jail in September, surveillance cameras recorded, authorities said.

The arrests came after a lawyer for the detainee released the video last week.

Camden County Sheriff’s Associates Mason Garrick, Braxton Massey and Ryan Biegel have also been charged with violating their oath of office, officials with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Camden Sheriff’s Office said. The three accused deputies are white, according to Captain Larry Bruce, a spokesman for the Camden County Sheriff.

It wasn’t immediately clear if they had lawyers.

The video, which shows guards repeatedly beating 41-year-old Jarrett Hobbs, “shook conscience,” GBI Director Michael Register said at a news conference announcing the arrests.

“I believe that a majority of the men and women who wear a badge in this country are genuinely trying to protect and serve,” he said. “Unfortunately, some are discrediting the profession, the badge and the oath they are sworn to keep. That is why we are here today.”