Are Georgia and Michigan now included in the College Football Playoffs?

Georgia and Michigan are pretty much guaranteed to make the college football playoffs again now.

Nothing is official until then, but we can say with certainty that Georgia and Michigan will be in the College Football Playoffs for the second year in a row.

The Dawgs and Wolverines met at the Orange Bowl last holiday season. Although the result was massively in Georgia’s favour, Michigan accepted the loss and has not suffered a loss since. The Dawgs improved to 12-0 in the season by beating Georgia Tech in Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, while the Wolverines also improved to 12-0 by shelling Ohio State late in the game.

Aside from terrible performances in the SEC and Big Ten championship games, both teams get in.

Are Georgia And Michigan Virtual Lockdowns To Make College Football Playoffs Now?

In theory, we could lump TCU with the Dawgs and Wolverines should the Horned Frogs beat Iowa State tonight and reach the Big 12 Championship Game 12-0. However, there is a clear pecking order as to which 12-0 team could afford to lose the most in their respective conference title fights: Georgia, then Michigan, then TCU. Here’s why it’s these three teams in this order.

If the Dawgs lost to the LSU Tigers in Atlanta, they would almost certainly come in anyway. This is because LSU with two losses would make the four-team field as the SEC champion. LSU would rise from No. 5 to likely No. 3 in the final College Football Playoff rankings. Conversely, the Dawgs wouldn’t drop from #1 to #5 unless the Dawgs were absolutely blown away by the Bayou Bengals.

When it comes to Michigan, the Wolverines may be in the same spot as Georgia, but not exactly. This is because while they are also down 12-0, a neutral loss to Purdue, Illinois or Iowa in Indianapolis would be significantly worse as the Boilermakers, Fighting Illini or Hawkeyes have absolutely no chance of making the playoffs. However, Michigan would be a huge favorite over everyone.

And if we’re going to include TCU in this discussion, the Horned Frogs could start with a home win over Iowa State and a neutral loss to either Kansas State or Texas. This is because the Wildcats and the Longhorns are better teams than the three teams still in the running to win the Big Ten West title. For TCU to lose the regular-season rematch at nearby Arlington isn’t good, but it’s not terrible.

After all, Georgia is as close to a lock as you can get. A USC loss to Notre Dame guarantees the Dawgs will get in. The same goes for Michigan and maybe TCU. Michigan isn’t quite a suspension to reach the playoffs as a loss to the Big Ten West champion could be disastrous, but that’s so unlikely. TCU could lose to K-State or Texas at Arlington…

While Georgia and Michigan are virtual lockdowns, the Dawgs are pretty much a certainty at this point.

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