Favorite dessert recipes served with a side of hearty storytelling

All Things We’re Cooking is a series with kitchen jewels from you, our readers and listeners, and the special stories behind them. We’ll continue to share more of your recipes throughout the holiday season.

Jokes aside, this fruitcake is legendary. It was even served at a wedding

Parents, children, aunts and a cousin gather on Black Friday to create a large crowd that is sent across the country. It’s being shared far and wide at Christmas time and was seen on a bike ride through Iowa.

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Her father’s fudge recipe brings back childhood memories of the Midwest

A young Jan Kincaid Clifford wasn’t even tall enough to reach the hearth. That didn’t stop her from stirring the pot. And stir. And stir. Her father’s recipe takes patience, but it pays off.

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Zoom and a buttermint recipe bring mom and daughter together

A remote video lesson from Mom also provided an opportunity to write down the recipe. Cold weather and a marble slab are best for chilling this homemade confection that helped family bonds.

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How a “Marskot” cookie got its out-of-this-world name

Friends, family and co-workers are clamoring for the whimsical pistachio-flavored custard cookie treats that look green.

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All Things We’re Cooking is a series highlighting family recipes that hold special meaning to you, our readers and listeners. Earlier this year, we asked you to share your most treasured recipes and why these dishes evoke such fond family memories. Working with NPR member stations, we received responses from across the country. We’ve interviewed some of the contributors and will be sharing their stories throughout the holiday season. All recipes and photos were provided by NPR audience members.


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