Georgia football finally delivered a clean, old-fashioned punch

Georgia Football didn’t wake up to Georgia Tech until the second half, but the Dawgs still managed to run away with that game and win 37-14. A late trash touchdown allowed the Yellow Jackets to cover the spread, but the Dawgs won by 23 points, which is all that matters.

The Dawgs didn’t have to be perfect against the Yellow Jackets, but that performance felt like pulling teeth well into the second half. Georgia had to fend off the umpires and the Yellow Jackets because neither was willing to give up the win so easily.

Sometimes tough wins leave teams undefeated and create something great. This team is not the one of 2021; it has its own identity, so people have to remember it. Every group is different, and as long as they win, who cares how it happens?

The Dawgs got the job done, and even after giving up the garbage touchdown, it was a dominating win over one of our biggest rivals – if you still want to consider tech. There were some good things and some not-so-great things, but overall it was another conservative win with some explosive plays that allowed the Dawgs to go 12-0 for the second straight game.

Georgian football made history by beating Georgia Tech.

It’s tough going unbeaten in the regular season and not many teams can do that, so finishing the regular season 12-0 in consecutive years is historic for Georgia. The Dawgs join an elite firm, Alabama, to be one of two SEC teams to accomplish the feat.

Georgia rushed for 264 yards and threw for 143 yards and four touchdowns. Stetson Bennett went 10 of 18 for 140 yards and two points. He also had five carries for 21 yards. Bennett tried to score with his feet, but the cruel referees gave him the short straw not once, but twice.

Kenny McIntosh led the team in rushing and receiving yards as he carried the rock 12 times for 86 yards and a score. He also had two catches for 96 yards, including this incredible 83-yarder that helped set up his quick touchdown. Kendall Milton had four carries for 56 yards when he hit on a 44-yard streak.

Daijun Edwards had eight carries for 57 yards and Branson Robinson had six carries for 26 yards.

Brock Bowers caught the second passing touchdown and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint scored the first of the game, giving Georgia some momentum to work with — it was very little momentum, but it was something nonetheless.

The Georgia defense held off Georgia Tech for 40 yards but gave up 215 yards through the air. The Yellow Jackets marched down the field on the first drive of the game, but the Dawgs straightened up and went about their business.

The Dawgs were able to apply some pressure but still had some momentum of lazy tackling that needed to be cleaned up ahead of the postseason. Smael Mondon led the team with six tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss. Overall, the defense ended with four sacks and 11 tackles for the loss.

Jack Podlesney is a workhorse for the Dawgs. He went 3-of-3 on field goals, including a 50-yarder that Georgia appreciated. The Dawgs have a talented kicker to rely on which is why they have such a successful red zone conversion rate.

Who cares about the last few weeks and the conservative games? Georgia played to win, and they still got those wins. The red zone fights are a minor issue, but something I wouldn’t worry too much about.

After an immediate reaction, Georgia eventually ran away with this thing, but at the same time, the Dawgs got the job done and made history. How upset can we be with this team when they are 12-0 and playing for an SEC championship and possibly more? Georgia fans need to trust the process and hope the offense gets off that conservative playcalling in the regular season.