Georgia Gun Rights Group Pushes Lower Age Ratings, Expanded Access in 2023 Legislative Session • The Georgia Virtue

The pro-Second Amendment organization GA2A, formerly known as, has announced its legislative priorities for 2023, which include a variety of legislative overhauls related to age, location and opt-in provisions for gun owners.

The organization, which spearheaded efforts to get Constitutional Carry (SB319) passed in 2022, outlined a number of priorities for the upcoming session, which begins in January, including that the group will “advocate for legislation that prohibits government agencies: ending firearm purchases during a declared state of emergency, banning the firing of guns on private property exceeding 10 acres, and creating gun databases that can be used to track gun owners.”

During the 2023 Legislative Session, GA2A will strongly advocate the following:

  • Lowering the minimum age for a Georgia Weapons License (GWL) from 21 to 18
  • Elimination of gender and age restrictions for joining the state militia, additional education requirements
  • Removed the “opt-in” requirement for Church Carry
  • Changed “Courthouses” in Georgia Code to the portion of buildings used for Supreme Court judicial functions
  • Enabling confiscated firearms to be auctioned off quickly and profitably by local law enforcement to qualified gun owners
  • Clarification of “campus carry” language used to define firearms and locations
  • Granting financial damages to applicants for non-processing of GWL application
  • Prevent state and local governments from restricting the legal purchase of firearms during an emergency
  • Immunity from civil liability for property owners who permit firearms
  • Establishing liability for governments that restrict firearms but do not provide secure storage
  • Prohibit local governments from firing guns into 10 acres or more of private property
  • Prohibit the creation of multi-jurisdictional GWL databases to track firearm owners
  • Setting a Standard for Obtaining an GWL by Court Order, Revoking the GWL by Superior Court
  • Restore the common law definition of assault

Here you can read detailed explanations of each item.

“The 2022 Legislative Session was a stellar year for gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters in Georgia,” said Jerry Henry, Executive Director of GA2A. “With the passage of SB319, better known as Constitutional Carry, Georgia became the 25th state in the country to allow law-abiding citizens to exercise their rights by carrying a concealed firearm without a permit.

“While the progress made under the Gold Dome is energized and encouraged, legislative action is still needed to shield the second in Georgia. During the 2023 session, our grassroots organization will actively push for new legislation that will protect—and restore—our 2nd Amendment rights.

“We look forward to working with leaders, lawmakers and the grassroots to translate our legislative agenda into law. Together we will ensure a safer and stronger future for all Georgians.”