Georgia leads Georgia Tech 10-7 at halftime

Georgia Tech travels to Athens, Georgia to face Georgia in a Noon ET Kickoff.

The Jackets are 5-6 overall and 4-4 in the ACC. Going into the game undefeated, UGa is number one in the country.

The game will be the last game of the regular season for both teams.

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First quarter:

Georgia Tech gets first. Jackets start on their own 25. Dontae Smith makes two impressive runs as the Jackets move the ball past midfield. After finding McCollum on a fourth down game, the Jacks beat it. Taisun Phommachanh caps an 11-play drive with six. Jackets lead 7-0 early on.

UGA goes three-and-out on its first possession. Jackets take over at their own 20.

Jackets gained a few yards with Gibson completing a few passes but being stopped after a dropped pass on Dylan Leonard and forced to punt. UGA takes over after a penalty in their own 44th minute.

Georgia used play action to methodically move the field down, where they converted a crucial third down to move the chains. Stetson Bennett used his legs to get UGA into the five where the Jackets defense stood upright to force a field goal. Rodney Shelley Jr. with great coverage on tight end Brock Bowers to force field goal attempt.

Jackets lead 7-3.

Georgia Tech starts the ride at their own 25 to wrap up the quarter. For only the second time this season, Georgia are behind at the end of the first quarter.

Second quarter:

Gibson finds Dontae Smith for a big win in game one, Jackets near midfield. Gibson finds Malik Rutherford on a screen, but UGA erases it. On the 3rd and long, Gibson tries to connect with Leo Blackburn, but the Jackets benefit from a PI call that gives them 15 yards and first down. Georgia Tech crosses midfield and enters UGA territory for the second time today. Jackets drive stands there as the UGA defense stiffens. Jackets punt and UGA takes over at own 25.

Georgia demolishes big play as RB Kenny McIntosh gains 45 yards Daijun Edwards follows for another 18 yards to put the ball in the red zone. On the 3rd and goal, Bennet finds Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint for six. UGA leads 10-7.

Jackets start the drive on their own 25. With Phommachanch in play, the Jackets leaned heavily on the barrel and grabbed a first down. In third and eighth place, Gibson found Jamie Felix on a screen pass but for a loss of one. Jackets forced to prick.

After a 39-yard punt return, UGA wins eleven in the first game to push the ball into Tech territory. Georgia lines up for the fourth down game but is called out for a face mask to force a punt. UGA knocks down the punt inside his own three-yard line.

Gibson finds EJ Jenkins for a 41-yard gain to put the Jackets near midfield. Gibson finds some leeway to get the ball all the way into the Georgia 40. The Jackets’ offensive stalled and they were forced to push him away. UGA leads 10-7.