Georgia rises! 18 districts can vote early this Sunday (after Saturday’s big early vote).

Greater Atlanta Interactive Map will help you find the voting location: Clickable for street address from here > &z =12 – and thanks to WABE Public Media for linking

Your county may be ramped up Early Voting (EV) this Sunday, ahead of the mandatory Mon-Fri days for EV this week for the Senate runoff. First, EV locations are open in the greater Atlanta area County Fulton (today, Sunday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.); in GWINNETT (7am-7pm, see these 11 locations [bottom of the article], DeKALB (today, Sunday, at all 16 EV locations from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.); in COBB County (it is 12:00-17:00 for this Sunday, in Smyrna, Main, East, West, Mableton and North locations only, then for Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and including other locations).

For CLAYTON County, Sunday, 12pm-5pm (then for Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, see locations). This is exciting, that the Georgia courts prevailed over a stingy state interpretation Expand EV to make this possible the Saturday/Sunday vote (this weekend only) for districts willing to offer the early sites.

First, here is information for a few more Metro Atlanta counties for the Warnock-Walker US Senate runoff, for a few additional counties that may or may not be offering Sat/Sun EV this weekend. Also includes Douglas County (Sunday 8:30-18:00), Newton (Sunday 11-4), Rockdale (Sunday 10-3, at one location)

On the SoS site search, here is a search for any county in Georgia to find location addresses, dates and times >

Once again this cool map for Metro Atlanta >

Greater Atlanta Interactive Map will help you find the voting location: Clickable for address from here > &z= 12 – and thanks to WABE Public Media for linking

LIST of the communityTies with EV on SUNDAY 27.11see below > >


[Additionally, Douglas County 8:30am-6pm Sunday 11/27 and Mon-Fri Dec. 2, though not shown on the SoS tweet linked above]

All 159 counties should have EV hours Monday through Friday next week (ends Fri, Dec 2 for personal EV phase).

Look up EV locations available for today or for the rest of the week MF. Visit your county’s election website for detailed information. Alternatively, Election Day is Tuesday December 6th from 7am to 7pm when you must show up in your specific, precise voting district if you have not already voted early or by mail.

Also note that there may be mailboxes for absentee/postal voting during EV week available from some, but not at every EV location, during EV opening hours. On the District Details websites, the locations where the mailboxes are stationed are clearly marked or asterisked to let you know that that location is one of the selected ones with the mailbox.