Georgia Waters talks REGINALD THE VAMPIRE and Becoming Penelope

Vampires are back in the zeitgeist (have they ever really gone?). Everyone’s favorite bloodsuckers with stories are enjoying a media resurgence, and networks like Syfy are bringing undead stories to the table with heart and humor. Syfy’s latest offering, Reginald the vampire, is a perfect cocktail of gory fun and real depth. Based on Fat vampire series by Johnny B. Truant, Reginald the vampire follows Reginald (Jacob Batalon), a fledgling vampire as he tries to navigate the elite vampire community with his father Maurice (Mandela Van Peebles) and destroy Sarah (Em Haine) at his side.

Recently I had the privilege of speaking with Georgia Waters, who portrays Penelope, a sophisticated and decent vampire who works for Angela (Savannah Basley). You may know Georgia from her role as Eliza in Freeform’s siren or as a rose in the 2020 horror film toy of terror. We chatted about her influences in approaching Penelope, her favorite scene, what audiences can expect in the final episodes, and more.

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This interview is condensed for length and clarity.

Melody McCune: Let’s talk about it Reginald the vampire. How did you come to the show?

Waters of Georgia: I just auditioned. It was pretty wild. I remember having to do it all remotely. Normally I would do it with my partner but I had just dropped him off to go to the airport. I had to record the other lines myself. It was a mess, but it worked. Sometimes the most challenging situations turn out to be the best.

MM: Did working with the fangs on the show help you relate to the character? Were they difficult to manoeuvre?

GW: We haven’t had them all this time. We only have them when we bite. I think the most challenging scene was the vampire orgy scene. We also had to kiss. I had never done anything like this. That was more difficult, as was talking to them. You lisp a little at the end.

It’s against the vampire glam personality and requires a bit of navigation. I’ve used fangs before when I was playing a mermaid siren. We had to have teeth for all the underwater scenes.

Georgia Waters as Penelope grabs Angela's hands while looking sweetly into Reginald the Vampire's eyes.

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE – “The Hunger” Episode 102 – Pictured: (l-r) Savannah Basley as Angela, Georgia Waters as Penelope – (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

MM: Speaking of the vampire orgy scene in episode two, how was it filming?

GW: I was nervous because I hadn’t met some of the cast until that day. I thought, “Oh my god, what’s this going to be like?” I had never done intimacy scenes like this before. A lot of my characters weren’t involved in these kinds of storylines. Luckily everyone was so nice. We had an intimacy coordinator and it was all very quiet. We went through what we were uncomfortable with or any insecurities. We had a lot of pants and backless bras. I wasn’t that exposed. I felt well taken care of. It’s a vulnerable thing; They don’t feel comfortable doing these scenes.

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MM: I would be remiss if I left out that restaurant scene with Penelope and LeBron. How was it? Was there a lot of collaboration or were you told to try?

GW: We met with the director a few weeks before to fade it out. We met in one of the conference rooms at the hotel where we were staying and we were given a table and chairs and we said, “Okay, how do we deal with this escalation from sitting down to suddenly vomiting?” It was fun, that to play. When we went to the actual shooting, we knew there wouldn’t be that many takes because once you’re loaded with puke, you can’t do it again.

Luckily there was a collaboration, like “How would you move across the table or the food?” On the day we didn’t know what we were going to eat. It was all a surprise. Poor Sean [Yves Lessard]. I think he took the brunt of it, but I don’t think they showed the extent of the vomiting that we filmed. Sean shared a video of what it looked like, and it was pretty wild, so those interested should head over to his Instagram.

MM: What do you use for the vomit?

GW: I think it was a veggie smoothie. It smelled like vomit. When we were covered, it just stunk.

MM: Were you inspired or influenced by pop culture vampires when you decided to play this role?

GW: Definitive. Penelope is much more of a traditional vampire. She turned around in the Victorian era. I leaned towards the more traditional versions [of vampires]. As the series progresses, one sees more of the charming awkwardness that eases her need to be perfect all the time.

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MM: You definitely see that, especially in the later episodes with Angela. You see that awkward shyness.

GW: Penelope is attracted to power, and being a woman in the Victorian area, women had no power. Only as a normal vampire you get this power. Angela is the woman she’s trying to impress. Similarly, you’re attracted to bullying and say, ‘Oh, they’re the powerful ones. I’ll try to impress her all the time.” It’s fun to show more vulnerability and the human side. That makes them more interesting.

Rachelle Goulding as Moira and Georgia Waters as Penelope enter Reginald while standing on either side of him in

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE – “Dead Weight” Season 1 Episode 1 – Pictured: (l-r) Rachelle Goulding as Moira, Jacob Batalon as Reginald, Georgia Waters as Penelope – (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

MM: Do you have a favorite scene from your time on the show?

GW: The vomiting was interesting to film. They’re all pretty fun and different. There was a scene where we (Penelope and LeBron) listen to Mike (Ryan Jinn) telling Angela what he saw. Even though we didn’t do anything in the scene, we had so much fun being these incompetent vampires. There are some funny scenes later in the season. Every day on set was a beautiful day; The cooperation with all the directors and actors was so good.

MM: Describe this show in three words.

GW: Heartwarming. Cheeky. reassuring. It celebrates everyone.

MM: Is there anything you can tease about for the rest of the season? What can we expect upon entering?

GW: A lot happens. It doesn’t all stay in Akron. There are some wild sets to watch and wild storylines. If you thought it was an adventure so far, it gets even crazier. It also explores more about what it means to love yourself and be a good person. I think people will love to see it.

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MM: What is still on the horizon professionally?

GW: Right now I’m auditioning for new stuff. I did a comedy miniseries with Ryan playing Mike that’s for YouTube. It was definitely fun to do more comedy. I focus on my own writing. My love is historical drama, so that’s what I worked on. Even when you have your finished product and you talk to the producers, it’s such a long process from that point to getting things made. But it’s one that’s important to me.

A closeup of Penelope's face (Georgia Waters) with fangs out and blood running down her chin onto Reginald the Vampire.

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE – “Dead Weight” Episode 101 – Pictured: Georgia Waters as Penelope – (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

MM: Thanks for talking to me, Georgia!

GW: Thanks Melody!

You can follow Georgia on Twitter (@GeorgiaGSWaters) and Instagram (@georgia_scarlet_waters). Reginald the vampire airs new episodes every Wednesday at 10/9am on your Syfy partner.

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