Georgia World Congress Center: Volunteer at Festival of Trees uses fast thinking to save women stuck on Georgia train tracks. That’s what happened

The Festival of Trees at the Georgia World Congress Center is a popular tourist attraction. People come from far away to admire and enjoy its beauty.

Rodney Daniel, a Festival of Trees volunteer, gets a lot of praise for his quick learner. His action could have saved many lives.

Speaking to Fox5, Daniel said as he walked up the hill he heard women yelling, “We’ve got to get the car”. He rushed over to them to ask what happened, to which they replied that their car got stuck on the tracks.

Daniel says he looked up and saw the train coming. His priority was women’s safety. The four women were not from the city. They took a wrong turn and got stuck on the train tracks.

Glass bridge over Dashbashi Canyon in Georgia

Glass bridge open

In South Georgia, a 240-meter-long glass bridge spanning Dashbashi Canyon with a diamond-shaped cafe in the middle has opened to visitors.

To stop the rapidly approaching train, Daniel pulled out his phone and waved the phone’s light. The conductor could see the light and managed to stop the train.

The driver hugged Daniel and thanked him for his timely assistance. Despite being such a great help, Daniel refused to take credit for anything. According to him, God put him in the right place at the right time.

Frequently asked Questions:

  1. What is the Festival of Trees?
    It is a special eight day holiday event for all ages. It includes a beautiful tree forest, unique gift shops, etc.
  2. What are the winter attractions in Georgia?
    Besides the Festival of Trees, one can enjoy Georgia Aquarium, Avalon on Ice in Alpharetta, etc.

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