I’m scarred for life after a hot water bottle exploded all over me – the pain getting worse every day

A DISABLED teenager could be scarred for life after a hot water bottle exploded all over her – and she says the pain is getting worse.

Georgia Hattam, 18, had a stomach ache on Monday night so her mum Claire filled her a hot water bottle as she had done on various occasions before.

Georgia Hattam, right, with the burst hot water bottle


Georgia Hattam, right, with the burst hot water bottlePhoto credit: Mirrorpix
The teenager is scarred for life


The teenager is scarred for lifePhoto credit: Mirrorpix

But just five minutes after going to bed with it on, Georgia cried out in pain as the boiling water covered her skin.

Hospice health worker Claire, 47, told the Mirror: “I got in from work around 10.45pm and Georgia had been in pain for the past week so I made her a hot water bottle.

“She went to bed and I went to my room, but a few minutes later she let out this piercing scream.”

The hot-water bottle had burst open, spilling hot water over Georgia’s legs.

Georgia had managed to get out of bed and into the hall while her mother ripped off her daughter’s pajamas and rushed to get some cold washcloths to cool her off, all the while calling 911 for help.

Claire was initially told by the ambulance staff that there would be at least a two-hour wait, and then later called back to say the delay could be even longer as Georgia was in pain and the blisters were getting bigger.

Instead of waiting, Claire from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, Georgia managed to get down the stairs and into the car with the friend who helped, and drove her to the emergency room herself.

Medics put Georgia through a painful deroofing process to remove the blisters and skin and has now been referred to a burns unit amid fears she could be scarred for life.

Claire said: “I have terrible mother guilt. Georgia is probably scarred for life and I was the one who gave her the water bottle.

“We will never use them again and have already told the family to throw away theirs.

“All I can remember is Georgia letting out that piercing scream.”

Georgia has autism and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a group of rare inherited disorders that cause very flexible joints and fragile, stretchy skin.

She studies animal management in college and works part-time at a trampoline park.

She says that although the pain from the burns is getting worse every day, not better.

Georgia said she just wanted other people to be aware of the dangers.

As the cost of living continues to fall and people look for ways to reduce their energy bills, people are turning to hot water bottles to save money.

Consumer champion Alice Beer told This Morning viewers earlier this week that she had been contacted via Instagram by a parent whose child suffered third degree burns after his hot water bottle burst.

Alice said it was now becoming a common problem, adding that a London hospital sees people with hot water bottle burns at least once a week.

What you should do if your child suffers a burn

A team of experts advises parents to call an ambulance for all serious burns.

A severe burn is larger than 3 cm and affects the face, genitals, or throat.

Her step-by-step advice is:

  • Run any type of burn under cold water for 20 minutes.
  • Remove any clothing, such as diapers, that is not stuck to the burn
  • Keep other parts of your body covered and warm
  • Cover the burn with a non-stick bandage, such as cling film, until emergency services arrive

She said: “Half of hot water bottle injuries require skin grafts and surgery. These are not superficial burns, these go really deep.”

Alice warned that a regular hot water bottle should last up to three years before people should consider finding a replacement.

She advised people to check the manufacture date on every hot water bottle they have.

Alice said this can be found out through a hidden code on the product.

She said: “You don’t know about it because this is a brand new hot water bottle in a fluffy cover. Why would you ever take it off if it doesn’t get dirty?

“I’m sorry but I think this is the worst system for printing a date because it’s so confusing.”

She added: “Inside you have a daisy wheel date. It has 12 segments and in the middle of them you have a 22. This was manufactured in 2022. Then you have 12 segments on the outside and those are the months.

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“You can tell the month it was made when the points end. It has dots in eight segments, so it was made in August.”

Alice also said that people should remove the cover when filling so you can check exactly the state it’s in.

Georgia says the pain from the burns is getting worse, not better


Georgia says the pain from the burns is getting worse, not betterPhoto credit: Mirrorpix
She shares her experiences to warn others about the dangers of hot water bottles


She shares her experiences to warn others about the dangers of hot water bottlesPhoto credit: Mirrorpix