Make sure Georgia keeps the reverend in the runoff

I finally saw a Hershel Walker commercial. Maybe. It was an attack on the Rev. Warnock’s church homeless service. If you just left, “huh?” then you get my point. But the absence of Walker’s presence on television, as well as on the field, is notable.

This weekend was Georgia’s chance to vote early in the weekend. Not every county, but the densely populated, could participate in the traditional “Souls to the Polls” effort. It was also the traditional Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry. Herschel Walker, in case anyone forgets, was a huge Georgia football star so this should have been a great weekend to remind Georgian of his legacy on the gridiron. Instead, you’re far more likely to see a Georgian commercial that also says “huh?” in response to the video of Walker’s “weirder” comments in this campaign.

Meanwhile, Rev Warnock told Georgians why he was grateful this weekend. I drove through 3 different Georgia airports last week and saw a Warnock billboard right in front of each one. Granted, Walker still has a presence in rural Georgia, but you could be forgiven for feeling like he’s returned to his home in Westlake, Texas. Home is where your homestead tax exemption is.

This election turns out to be a referendum on what Georgia voters want to present to the rest of the world. “Herschel Walker isn’t getting any smarter,” said one voter, “but we are [Georgians] doesn’t have to look stupid.”

One of my assigned tasks this time is to reach the so-called Warnock-Kemp constituents, particularly from the perspective of someone who had worked for a Senate Majority Leader. In the last two weeks I have chaired 9 coffees (or coffee claps) for groups of these Warnock Kemp voters who have been identified by the coordinators. Most participants (the smallest group so far has been 9 voters), mostly male, mostly white, admit to being Republican or Conservative. They all admit to feeling uncomfortable with Walker, even though he’s not the focus of these discussions. The main focus, afaict, is on power. If I had to summarize them, it would be this: who can do Georgia justice best? Or, as Jerry Maguire said, show me the money.

Of those 9 coffees, only one voter admitted to being a Trumpie. But this admission was unsolicited; We’re not talking about Trump. We talked about the Infrastructure Act and we talked about the Inflation Reduction Act. Several voters brought up the EU’s threats to “take us to court” over the Inflation Bill. And those constituents seem impressed by Rev. Warnock’s amendments to these bills, amendments that speak directly to his efforts to “make Georgia right.”

Herschel Walker is doing everything to tie Warnock to President Biden. And you might be surprised at how many of those voters are asking about it. “Will Warnock be a ‘blank check’ for Biden?” And that’s where we get into the weeds of the discussion. And that’s exactly what these voters want. I once asked how many people read the Wall Street Journal and almost everyone raised their hand. These are not stupid voters. So I ask what is a blank check? If Rev. Warnock offers an amendment to a bill on the floor, does he give Biden or the bill a blank check?

changes? Nobody knows the answer to that because it’s not like they’re conditioned to think. So what happens? Almost everyone suddenly looks at their phones and you wouldn’t believe what they’re asking. Suddenly, the discussion quickly turns to what Rev. Warnock has done, what he has attempted, and why it is important that Georgia be at the table. With democratic control of the Senate secured, that choice is to retain the Reverend or lose power over the decisions made there.

IOW, it’s about power. If the Georgians vote for it Keep the Reverend, Georgia has the power. If they vote for the Rust Star, they lose power. And for these voters, power matters more. Taking these constituents deep into the weeds of legislation invariably leads them to question how their senators interact with the Senate Majority Leader. And I’ll try to make it simple: how many of you, I ask, have your boss’s cell phone number? Rev. Warnock does. How many of your bosses do you call on your cell phone? Rev. Warnock does (apart from the fact that the Senate Majority Leader is not a Senator’s boss). Rev. Warnock has the same legislative power in the Senate as Joe Manchin. If Walker wins, Georgia loses that power. From my discussions with Warnock-Kemp constituents, this realism is eye-opening.

Hope Springs by Field PAC has been knocking on doors in a grassroots-led effort to prepare the electoral battlefield in the so-called first round of a traditional five-round election campaign. We are bringing these efforts to the doors of the communities most affected (the intended targets or victims) by these new voter-suppression laws.

Of course we depend on the support of the base. So if you support the field/grassroots organization, voter registration (and tracking) and our efforts to protect our voters, we would appreciate your support:

Hope Springs by Field PAC understands that repeated face-to-face interactions are critical. And we’re among those who think Democrats didn’t do as well as expected in the 2020 congressional election because we didn’t knock on doors — and we didn’t register new voters (while Republicans are blind). We’re going back to old-school basics: repeated contacts, repeated efforts to remind them of protocols, to meet them where they are. Mentoring for those who need it (such as first time voters and newly registered voters). Remember, remember, remember and then hunt down the voters whose ballots need healing.

But the most interesting comment to emerge from these 9 sessions was one that compared Herschel to OJ Simpson. I can’t say I understand, but other men in this group nodded. For these Warnock-Kemp voters, a bias is already ingrained. They just need permission to pull the lever for a Democrat. And the Warnock campaign understands that. I have four more Warnock-Kemp events planned this week and probably more (I’m not responsible for this schedule; I’ll go where I’m asked).


Early voting begins today across Georgia. More than two dozen of the larger counties got an early start this weekend. “Two counties, DeKalb and Douglas, held some in-person polls ahead of Thanksgiving.” Early reports excited the Warnock campaign. This weekend, 181,711 Georgians cast their vote in the December 6 runoff. Another 63,454 did so this Monday morning. Rev. Warnock hosted about a dozen GOTV events this weekend, Walker had none. Early voting continues through Friday. But it’s turnout among the youngest voters that really stands out. in the Muscogee County, we even had constituents who received our new voter postcards that showed up with postcards that they received from Hope Springs volunteers.

Last week Rev. Warnock held several events in the area where Hope Springs from Field has been running GOTV advertising. The event, held near Robins Air Force Base, had an unexpectedly large turnout. But it’s clear Warnock is fighting for every vote. Even Republican votes. I don’t know how the invite list is made but they seem spot on when it comes to being Warnock Kemp voters. The Warnock campaign is digging deep into the independent, unaffiliated, and even Republican electorate to win. They leave no stone unturned.

However, many of these Warnock-Kemp voters expect Herschel Walker to win. It’s not that they see signs of life in the Walker campaign, but a deep belief that Georgia is still a red state. This is precisely why the Democrats are not letting up. Voters have told me they think Walker’s best strategy might be to be invisible during the voting period. It also doesn’t hurt to keep Trump out of the news. No one I’ve spoken to believes Trump can help Herschel. But among the Warnock-Kemp voters I’ve met, none of them think Brian Kemp’s support will inform their decisions about how they’re going to vote next week.

I end these coffee claps with the following appeal:

I’m not going to tell you how to vote. The mere fact that you showed up shows that you are considering several factors when making your choice. I will tell you that the election of Rev. Warnock gives Georgia a stronger voice in the Senate, gives him a direct line to the Senate Majority Leader and even the White House. Herschel Walker will never get a call from the White House. He probably won’t be able to call the Majority Leader. Republicans want you to think that Walker might have an impact in 2024, but they don’t know. We know the Democrats will control this Senate this year; We know that the Biden administration will be making decisions about infrastructure projects over the coming year, and the question you need to ask is should Georgia have a voice in those decisions, or should you wait and hope and pray that things will work out turn out different? Because I can tell you one thing: Reverend Warnock will do it Take care of Georgia now. Rev. Warnock now attends to Georgia. And I urge you to vote for Georgia now and secure a seat at the table. You can be proud to elect Rev. Warnock knowing that he will not embarrass you and that he will continue to work to care for you and the state he will never relinquish.

If you can support our efforts to attract Democratic voters, particularly in minority communities, expand the electorate, and believe in grassroots efforts to increase voter turnout and voter protection, please consider:

Thank you for your support. This work depends on you!

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Will Herschel Walker’s invisible campaign help or hurt Rev. Warnock in this election?

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