Marquette Basketball Non-Conference Preview: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Surname: Georgia Institute of Technology

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: The school’s history can be traced back to the Civil War, and I don’t mean the time frame. After the war, Georgia became aware of the industrial difference between the south and the north and focused on pushing its state in a technological direction. In the early 1880s a committee was authorized to investigate the Tech schools of the North, and in 1885 Governor Henry McDaniel signed the bill into law creating Georgia Tech. The school opened its doors in 1888.

Enrollment: A total of 43,844 students in fall 2021, but only 17,447 of them were students.

Nickname: Yellow jackets

But isn’t there a song: You are most likely thinking of “Ramblin’ Wreck From Georgia Tech”. This is the official school fight song, and the official first line of the lyrics reads “I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech and an Engineer from Hell,” where Ramblin’ Wreck literally refers to a 1930 Ford Model A sports coupe.

But the mascot is the insect, right? NO. The official mascot of Georgia Tech is the car itself. Buzz, the traditional mascot “man in costume”.has only been an official part of Georgia Tech athletics since 1980, while the Ramblin’ Wreck has been part of GT history since 1916.

Why Yellow Jackets? Literally because the students wore yellow jackets because they were already the school colors.

Notable Graduates: former US President Jimmy Carter; Mike Duke, founder of Days Inn Hotels; Joe Rogers, Jr., CEO of Waffle House; John Young, Apollo astronaut, NASA’s first space shuttle commander and one of 12 men who spoke on the moon; Herbert Saffir, developer of the Saffir-Simpson scale, measured the strength of hurricanes; comedian Jeff Foxworthy; and Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, agent of SHIELD

A tradition like no other because it can be punished with suspension: In the Tech Tower, the school’s main administrative building, the word TECH hangs in giant letters on all four sides of the tower. There has been a long tradition of gaining access to the tower and stealing the T since 1969. Tradition dictates that you return the T at halftime of the homecoming football game or simply leave it on the college president’s lawn to prove you did it. While this was initially flagged as “boys will be boys” behavior, at this point it is deeply frowned upon by the university and GT will penalize anyone found responsible with the cost of repair and replacement, and suspend offenders for at least a semester. The last theft happened in 2014 and was the first since 1999.

Here’s how to know when to switch classes: Georgia Tech has a whistle that sounds every weekday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. at five minutes to the hour. This dates back to the tech’s days as a trade school with work machine shops that had a whistle to indicate when it was time to call it a day. As you might expect from the story about the giant T’s on top of a building, people often stole The Whistle.

George P Burdell: See, there’s a story here and you won’t believe it until you read it. Read the story of the time-honored tradition of a totally false disciple.

Last season: 12-20, with a 5-15 record in the ACC and a first game exit in the ACC tournament a year after winning the conference tournament.

final Ranking: #156

Final T-Rank Ranking: #139

This year so far: 3-1 but only 2-1 against Division 1 opponents after losing 68-64 to Utah in Monday’s other Rocket Mortgage Tip-Off semifinal.

Current KenPom Ranking and Prediction: #109, expected to be 15-16 overall and 7-13 in ACC. That would land them in a four-way tie for 11th place in the 15-team conference. Screams to the well-known roving Louisville disaster for holding last place.

Current T-Rank ranking and projection: #99, expected to be 16-15 overall and 8-12 in the ACC. That alone would be enough for 11th place.

Recurring Stats Leaders

Points: Kyle Sturdivant, 7.6 pages
Setbacks: Rodney Howard, 5.1 Role Playing
assists: Kyle Sturdivant, 2:3 Acts

Actual stats guide

Points: Dallan Coleman, 12.0 pages
Setbacks: Deivon Smith & Javon Franklin, 6.5 RPGs
assists: Devon Smith, 3:3 Acts

Protection? Sophomore Miles Kelly (6’6″, 175 lbs.) seems like a shooter after hitting 33% a year ago, but he’s hitting just 30% this season and leading the team on tries with five per game This isn’t ideal, but #2 and #3 in all attempts are Dallan Coleman (6’6″, 218 lbs.) and Lance Terry (6’2″, 200 lbs.) with 4.5 and 2.8 a night respectively and both men are north of 36%, Coleman just under 39% The entire rest of the team is only 3-for-20 this season and that’s bad (15%!) during it is also statistically insignificant compared to “likely to shoot”.

Size? Newcomer Cyril Martynov is 7ft tall and weighs 229lbs, but he’s only played two minutes and all against his non-D1 opponent in the first game of the GT season. Rodney Howard (6’10”, 241 lbs.) started all four games for the Jackets, but he hasn’t played more than 24 minutes and has just 15 total minutes in his last two games and just six against Utah played on Monday. Except for Howard, nobody north of 6’7” has played more than 30 seconds against a Division 1 opponent this season.

So the short answer is no.

head coach: Josh Pastner, in his 7th season at Georgia Tech and 14th as Division 1 head coach. He has a record of 97-97 at his current stop and 264-170 overall.

All-Time Series: Marquette leads, 4-3. Georgia Tech got their three wins in the first four meetings in 1926, 1957, and 1963. All Marquettes since, including 1976 and 1977, as well as 72-70 at the 2014 Orlando Classic.

What to look out for: If Georgia Tech fires any shots at all, something very bad will happen. According to, the Jackets currently rank 344th in the country in effective field goal percentage, and they get there by hitting just 26.5% of their three-pointers and just 41.6% of their two-pointers. They rank under 320 in both categories, and they are also under 300 in free throw shooting percentage. They are completely bankrupt offensively, although they don’t turn the ball over very often and are better than MU in offensive rebound.

Marquette has to pull himself together on offense as KenPom says Georgia Tech is the 12th most effective field-goal percent defense in the country. Well, part of that is a tiny bit of luck, because the three-point shooting percentage is heavily luck-based, and they’ve held opponents to a hilariously poor (but good for GT) 22.2%. If there was ever a game for the Golden Eagles where they had to figure out how to do an offensive rebound, it’s because the Jackets are one of the top 20 worst defensive rebound teams in the country and the absolute worst high major team .

In short, Marquette absolutely needs to treat this as a get right game. They came close to beating Purdue but fell apart late. They came close to beating Mississippi State but underplayed early in the game and couldn’t keep it together later. At some point, MU has to start figuring out how to end games against high-major opponents because only two non-high-major teams remain on the schedule. If the Golden Eagles feel they have a ceiling as an NCAA tournament team, they need to start picking up wins.