Oconee County’s Whit Weeks discusses LSU-Georgia ahead of the SEC Championship

Whit Weeks has attended many Georgia football games. He was at Sanford Stadium for noisy environments including the 2019 game against Notre Dame and the national championship celebration in January.

But the loudest stadium atmosphere involving the Oconee County senior linebacker was at Baton Rouge for the LSU-Alabama game earlier this month. LSU, then ranked at No. 10, put then-No. 6 Alabama into overtime and won by a two-point conversion to give the Tigers their seventh win in Brian Kelly’s first season at the helm.

Weeks stormed the field along with tens of thousands of adoring Tiger fans.

“Me and my buddies all got separated and it took us a while to find each other because there were so many people down there,” Weeks said. “There was nothing like it. It was the loudest game I’ve ever heard.”