Projected college football playoff rankings after Michigan stunned Ohio State

Michigan’s sweeping win over Ohio State will shake up the college football playoff rankings and see the Wolverines up for first place for some votes.

Ohio State was a big favorite over Michigan despite being just one spot ahead of them in the college football playoff rankings. The Wolverines proved that doubting them was a mistake by beating up their rivals.

Now it’s Michigan that controls the Big Ten’s title race. They will face off against the winner of the Big Ten West in the conference championship game with the expectation of earning a berth in the College Football Playoffs.

It’s no longer just about a top 4 place. That 45-23 win over Ohio State might make a case for more than a few voters to put the Wolverines ahead of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Projected College Football Playoff Rankings after Michigan defeats Ohio State

  1. Georgia (beat Georgia Tech, 37-14)
  2. Michigan (Ohio State win, 45-23)
  3. TCU (plays Iowa State)
  4. USC (plays Notre Dame)
  5. LSU (plays Texas A&M)
  6. Ohio State (lost to Michigan, 45-23)
  7. Alabama (plays Auburn)
  8. Oregon (plays Oregon State)
  9. Tennessee (plays Vanderbilt)
  10. Penn State (plays Michigan State)

For now, we assume Georgia will stay at #1. They started slow against Georgia State but eventually pulled away with a comfortable win.

Michigan will climb to #2, well ahead of TCU at #3.

A closer fight between the Buckeyes and Wolverines might have opened the door for a double dose of Big Ten in the Top 5. However, a dominant performance from Michigan in the second half will do USC and LSU a favor.

USC and LSU are big winners from Michigan’s win over Ohio State

Fourth place will be up for grabs between the Trojans and the Tigers. LSU opened the weekend ahead of USC on impressive victories over Alabama and Ole Miss. Their game against Texas A&M won’t exactly give them a chance to show off, while that Ole Miss win looks less stellar given the Rebels’ loss to Mississippi state.

Meanwhile, USC has a chance to impress against Notre Dame at the Coliseum. A win could actually bring them over the Tigers next Tuesday.

As for the state of Ohio, there really isn’t that much room to fall. They’ll likely end up right ahead of Alabama at No. 6 with two losses. However, with no conference title game on tap, unless TCU, USC and LSU stumble, their college football playoff hopes are fulfilled.

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