Raphael Warnock must win – LA Progressive

Michael McMullen spent years agonizing over the failed retirement plan that jeopardized his golden years.

He wrote numerous postcards and made countless phone calls urging Congress to step in and secure his future. But it wasn’t until he and other Georgians elected Raphael Warnock to the Senate in 2021 that Democrats had the final vote needed to pass legislation stabilizing that plan and other multi-employer pension funds on the brink of collapse.

Warnock saved McMullen’s retirement and that of 1.3 million other Americans — and then cast dozens of other votes that helped steer the nation’s trajectory from danger to progress. Now, Warnock’s re-election in Georgia’s December 6 runoff is crucial to continue the country’s hard-fought path.

“He’s pro-working class, pro-middle class,” summarized McMullen, president of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 1703, which represents workers at the Georgia-Pacific paper mill in Cedar Springs, Ga., who already benefit from the pension-savings provisions of the American rescue plan that Warnock pushed over the goal line in March 2021.

McMullen and other union members have become increasingly concerned over the years about their paper industry pension plan, one of about 130 multi-employer pension funds that have been precipitating bankruptcy due to Wall Street recklessness, corporate bankruptcies and other factors beyond workers’ control .

Some of his colleagues have already delayed retirement to build savings in case the fund goes bust, while others worry about a meager retirement choosing between buying groceries or buying recipes.