The postseason sets up well for the #1 Georgia Bulldogs

Meanwhile, Alabama lurks. The Crimson Tide (10-2) are expected to move up to No. 5 in the next ranking, ahead of Ohio State by one loss after the Buckeyes lost by three touchdowns at home to Michigan on Saturday. Should either TCU or USC fail in their conference championship game next weekend, Bama would be poised to become the first two-losing team to reach the last four since the CFP’s inception in 2014.

“I can’t say that,” said Alabama coach Nick Saban after Saturday’s 49-27 win over Auburn. “I love our team. I wish we had the opportunity.”

Here are five more things we learned on Saturday:

1. Scouting LSU

The Aggies were able to do two things against LSU that Georgia needs to do again next Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium: they protected their quarterback and faced Tigers star quarterback Jayden Daniels.

LSU’s fabulous freshman linebacker Harold Perkins Jr. did not record a sack and had two tackles against A&M. Perkins had four sacks against Arkansas last week.

Conversely, the Aggies sacked Daniels once but he was under pressure all night, often throwing the ball before he wanted to. He ended up rushing for 84 yards on 12 carries but had just 189 yards on 21-of-35 passing and no touchdowns.

Arkansas coach Sam Pittman was asked last week to rate the match between Georgia and LSU.

“I’m sure Kirby (Smart) figured it all out; he always does,” Pittman said. “But you know, they are very talented. You have to stop the quarterback, as everyone knows. And Perkins is a beast. He is fast. He’s spying. He took some sacks off us when we were spying on the quarterback. And our quarterback is fast too, but he ran him over.

“They are very physical on defense; very physical on offense. But the quarterback is key to their offense, and you need to find a way to block Perkins. They’re a really good football team on the D line too. They are what you imagine LSU to be.”

It will be the fifth time Georgia and LSU have met in the SEC title game. The Tigers have won three of their last four matchups.

2. Run Report

Junior running back Kendall Milton made his first start of the season and only his second of his career on Saturday. But while Milton was having a good day, it was senior Kenny McIntosh who really delivered again.

McIntosh totaled 182 all-purpose yards (12 carries for 86 yards and two catches for 96 yards). “Kenny Mac” got 83 of those yards in one pass from Stetson Bennett when McIntosh slipped past secondary on a wheel route. The game was the fourth in a five-game, 99-yard scoring drive that ended with McIntosh getting into the end zone on a 2-yard run.

“Kenny has been good all year,” Smart said. “When he flips the switch and really goes for it, he has great vision and great hands. He’s a weapon.”

Milton also got free on a 44-yard run and finished for 56 yards on four carries. Including Daijun Edwards’ 57 yards on eight carries, the Bulldogs had 264 yards on the ground. It was the second straight game for 200+ yards and the sixth of the season. The season high remains 292 yards in the win over Auburn.

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3. Sales Balance

Georgia had a chance to win revenue margin for the first time in a long time on Saturday. But then, in the game late in the fourth quarter, with the Bulldogs 37-7 ahead, backup quarterback Carson Beck lost the ball to an Ayinde Eley hit and the fumble was recovered by Clayton Powell-Lee at the Jackets 35 .

Seven plays later, in fourth and first, tech running back Dontae Smith threw a pass to Malachi Carter for a 24-yard touchdown.

The swap, while meaningless to the bottom line, kept the Bulldogs at a minus 2 revenue margin for the season. The resulting seven points meant Tech topped Georgia 7-3 in points from turnovers on the day. Georgia linebacker Jamon Dumas-Johnson forced a tech fumble early in the game that resulted in a field goal.

For the season, the Bulldogs have 47 points from 13 turnovers. Your opponents have scored 43 to 15 goals. That’s something Georgia hopes to clean up in the postseason.

4. Get defensive

The Bulldogs were stunned when Tech received the opening kickoff and immediately rushed for 75 yards in 11 games to score on a 7-yard run by quarterback Taisun Phommachanh. It was the first touchdown Georgia has conceded in the first quarter this season.

But in the second half, Georgia’s defense recovered. The Jackets rushed for 68 yards after halftime in 26 games and finished the game for 255 total yards. The Bulldogs kept them scoreless in the second and third quarters and have now hidden opponents in 26 quarters. Georgia leads the nation with 11.3 ppg in goal defense, up 1.1 from last year when it led the country with 10.2.

Linebacker Smael Mondon stepped up the Bulldogs with six tackles and three others had five, including cornerback Kelee Ringo, who also had three pass breakups. Georgia added four sacks to a total of 24 for the season.

5. Seniors Day Blues

Bennett attended Seniors’ Day for the second year in a row, and it was just as emotional, if not more so, than the last. In fact, Georgia’s quarterback is glad he doesn’t have to go through that again.

He believes this may have contributed to his lackluster start.

“To be honest, I’m not really a big Senior Day fan,” Bennett told reporters. “It’s difficult to play. I had to fucking do it twice, trying not to make it a deal and almost making it a deal. It kind of detracts from focus that we’re playing Georgia Tech in a rivalry game at home and they’re trying to screw up our season and get to a bowl game and I’m out there jogging with a white ball.

Bennett was slow to get going, completing 4 of 8 passes in the first quarter. He broke for a 16-yard rush, but the Bulldogs only managed 53 yards in the opening quarter.

Georgia finally got rolling, finishing with 407 yards in 61 games. With two more touchdown passes, Bennett’s final passing line was 10 of 18 for 140 yards. He also had 21 yards rushing and was denied an eighth TD run on a third-and-goal play.

The win takes the Bulldogs senior class to a career-high 46-5, a school record.