UGASports – Preview: ETSU in Georgia

WHERE: Stegeman Coliseum

IF: Sunday, 1 p.m

RECORDS: Georgia 4-2, East Tennessee State 3-3

TV/Radio: SEC Network (Dave Neal, Mark Wise); Georgia Bulldog Radio Network (Scott Howard, Chuck Dowdle, Adam Gillespie)

As Georgia prepares for Sunday’s game against visiting East Tennessee State, there are two areas mike white focuses on: finding a way to get his Bulldogs to put two halves together and exactly how big his team’s rotation needs to be.

“How big will our rotation be? I’m not sure. But whether we settle on seven or eleven, we have to accept some roles,” White said. “As employees, we still have to define roles, but we also have to accept (make them); not in terms of a role I have benefited most from, but a role we benefit most from.”

White and his staff spent the first six games trying to figure that out.

So far everyone has had a chance.

Of the 11 active players, six have watched at least 20.2 minutes per game, with the remaining five between 12 and 17.

“It’s going to take time to define our roles,” Oklahoma State transfer MA Moncrieffe said. “But everyone gets along pretty well, we have a good relationship with the staff, so I don’t think there will be any problems.”

White doesn’t expect any problems either.

But for his Bulldogs, who have shown strobes six games into the season to find things out, some answers need to be found about who they will lean on the most.

“A lot of it is trial and error, honest and consistent communication with our guys. Preach if we win, we all win, right?” Weiss said. “Everyone in college basketball, for the most part, wants a bigger role. The guys who don’t start want to start and the guys who start want to lead us in the standings. We have some people who I think are primarily concerned with Georgia winning.”

There are other lessons to be learned as well.

The Bulldogs put together arguably their best two defensive halves of the year against St. Joseph’s and UAB.

In fact, White said Georgia’s first-half performance against St. Joseph’s was not only their most impressive half, but their best of any training session since training began last season.

Unfortunately, transferring that effort to the second half was a problem.

Although the Bulldogs rallied in time to beat St. Joseph’s, Georgia couldn’t survive a few runs from the Blazers and lost at 15 after leading by a point at halftime.

“This team is struggling with emotions, with composure, with a competitive nature, for example what do we do when the other team goes on a 7-0 run? So far we haven’t handled those runs very well,” said White. “We’re getting a little emotional. (Players are like) “I have to put the team on my back” and make a play you don’t practice, potentially resulting in a bad shot. A lot of times I’ll take six, you know, put my head down and try to make something happen out of nowhere. It’s just bad decisions. A bit emotional on referee calls. You know we gotta grow up We have to understand what it takes to win.”