Updated scouting report on Top247 DL and Georgia sign Jamaal Jarrett

GREENSBORO, NC– Jamal Jarrett Signed to Georgia in mid-July, and from that moment his fit in the Bulldogs defense seemed ideal.

He has the physical tools and mental makeup to be a run stopper in the middle of the Bulldogs’ defense, which I could see when I went to Grimsley High to see him play earlier this season.

After observing him and reviewing the tape, I entered the following scouting report into his 247Sports profile:

Has verified metrics with 81 inch wing. Jumbo athlete with impressive power throughout the frame. The multisport profile includes discus and shot put.

Classic run stopper that can anchor and absorb doubles teams to allow linebackers and safeties to make plays. Fits perfectly as a central defender who can excel with his playing nose. Prolific in the middle of the scrimmage line with 25 lost tackles during the 22 regular season.

Demonstrates the ability to fire on the fly and explode into an offensive lineman. Has the ability to collapse the bag. Its short-range speed and ability to change direction are impressive for its size. Features in-the-box play. Shows closing speed with ball carrier. Demonstrates the ability to bend by regularly winning lever fights. Can be stacked and potted.

Can play over the offensive lineman’s face. Willing to work hard against doubles and treble teams and will not be frustrated by increased attention. Devastating against Run when blocked 1v1 at high school level. Relies heavily on power and strength.

Needs to further develop movement sets. Needs to reshape the body to be more agile and flexible. Chasing plays and being more active outside the box will also be more effective. Increasingly increasing factor rushing passerby is an important part of development. Former contributor for high level program. Mid-Round NFL Draft Potential.

Jarrett will enroll with Georgia in January and his role is clearly defined.

“I’m a stopper,” he said. “I am now an official stopper. Thats my job.

“It’s a big role, a big impact. You need a run stopper and I’m that guy.”

However, Jarrett’s current focus is not on the Bulldogs but on a deep run in the state playoffs.

The Whirlies are 13-0 and the top seed in their Class 4A playoff bracket. They host Cornelius (NC) Hough in Friday’s quarterfinals.

Jarrett finished his regular season with 50 tackles, including 25 for losses, and had three sacks.

He is the No. 22 defenseman and No. 4 player in North Carolina in 247Sports rankings. He is also the No. 150 player overall.