Walker should learn from Zeldin for the Georgia Senate runoff: columnist

Republican Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker already has the blueprint to defeat Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in the Dec. 6 runoff, a conservative columnist said.

Walker should watch Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin’s campaign, which surprisingly made Democratic governor Kathy Hochul sweat as she bid for re-election in the deep blue state.

Newsmax predicted Hochul to defeat Zeldin 52.86% to 47.14%.

Zeldin’s impressive performance stemmed from Republican voters’ conviction that the election was not about former President Donald Trump and abortion, as much mainstream media touted, Daniel McCarthy wrote in a New York Post opinion column.

“If Republicans listen to the liberal chorus, they will believe that voters have already decided against them — that they simply cannot win in this environment,” McCarthy, editor of Modern Age: A Conservative Review, wrote in the column from Thursday.

And if Republicans believe the premise but not the conclusion, they risk sending a mixed message as they attempt to appeal to a pro-Trump, anti-abortion base while reaching out to independent voters, particularly single women who are against Trump and want abortion to be legal.”

McCarthy said Walker must avoid “the trap” being set by liberals, progressives and the media.

“Walker shouldn’t be fooled when Democrats bring up his troubled personal history to get him to talk more about abortion,” McCarthy wrote. “The problem that maximized turnout for Republicans in New York was crime. It will also drag out the Georgia GOP voting.”

That’s because, McCarthy said, Republicans and Red-leaning independents who might be divided about Trump and/or abortion “have absolute clarity about crime.”

“Urban voters and suburban women who might otherwise write off the Republican Party pay attention when it talks about the chaos on our streets — and how the Democrats are encouraging more of it,” the columnist wrote.

After Republican Gov. Brian Kemp defeated progressive activist Stacey Abrams 53.41% to 45.88% in this month’s midterm elections, McCarthy said it was clear Georgia would remain red.

“If Georgia voters give Biden a Senate majority by re-electing Senator Raphael Warnock, they will end up with policies more like Abrams than Kemp. And so do the rest of us,” McCarthy wrote.

“Even a blue state like New York was moved by Lee Zeldin’s message of ‘tough on crime and tough on crime’.”

An average from RealClear Politics shows Walker an average of 1.9 percentage points ahead of Warnock.

A Walker win would mean the Senate remains evenly divided along party lines, with Vice President Kamala Harris available to cast a tied vote for Democrats.

That would help prevent President Joe Biden from appointing judges.

However, a Warnock triumph would give Democrats a 51-49 lead and give Biden more power to reshape the Federal Bank than he has had in the past two years.

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