Warnock and Walker both use Kemp as a campaign tool in the Georgia Senate runoff

AFollowing Gov. Brian Kemp’s victory in the Georgia gubernatorial race, both Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Herschel Walker are seeking to tie themselves to the incumbent Republican in the race for the Peach State Senate seat.

Kemp easily defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams in the gubernatorial race, receiving 53.4% ​​of the vote, compared to Abrams’ 45.9%. As a result, both Senate candidates have sought to use Kemp’s electoral success to their advantage and latch on to his popularity to boost their campaigns.


“Governor Kemp is one of the—if not the most important—piece of the puzzle for a Walker win on December 6,” said strategist Stephen Lawson axios.

A political action committee allied with Walker quickly capitalized on Kemp’s victory and launched a series of anti-warnock mailings, in which the Republican governor urged voters to oust the Democratic senator. One such piece of mail was sent directly to split-ticket voters who cast their ballots for Kemp and Warnock during the general election, telling them: ‘You stopped Stacey. Now reject Warnock.”

There are approximately 200,000 Georgia voters who split their tickets during the November election, crossing party lines to vote for both Kemp and Warnock. Now both campaigns are targeting the crucial electoral bloc to secure a victory in December.

Warnock’s campaign has attempted to use split-ticket voters to its advantage, featuring a number of such Georgians in television ads to persuade others to support the Democrat.

“I just can’t get over Herschel Walker’s lack of character,” voter Lynn Whittenburg said in one such ad.

The Democratic Party of Georgia is also raising these split-ticket voters and hosting a press conference on Saturday in which Kemp-Warnock voters urged other Georgians to reject Walker’s offer.

“[Walker] just has too much baggage to be an effective leader,” said Blake Briese, one of the two speakers at the event.


Kemp threw his support behind Walker, appear next to it The former NFL player is on the campaign trail after winning re-election despite keeping his distance for much of the halftime cycle.

“That’s why we need Herschel Walker in the United States Senate. He will go and fight for the values ​​that we believe in here in our state,” Kemp said during a campaign rally over the weekend. “Don’t believe the political pundits who say this race doesn’t matter anymore. … It is important.”