Warnock’s lead over Walker widens in New Georgia Runoff Poll | Choose

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock has a slight lead over his GOP challenger Herschel Walker in a runoff poll released Tuesday morning, boosting Democrats’ hopes of increasing their number in the Senate.

The poll, conducted by Fabrizio and Associates for AARP, shows Warnock with 51% support – the first time the incumbent lawmaker has received more than 50% support in a general election poll this campaign season. According to the poll, Walker has the support of 47% of voters.

As neither received more than half of the votes on Election Day, they will face each other in a runoff on Dec. 6, as required by state law. Warnock’s lead in the AARP poll is larger than his advantage on Nov. 8, when the Democrat received 49.4% of the vote compared to Walker’s 48.5%.

Warnock’s advantage lies with black voters — 89% of whom support him, compared to 8% who support Walker — and voters under 50, according to the poll. Voters between the ages of 18 and 49 prefer Warnock to Walker, 61% to 37%, according to the poll.

Perhaps most importantly for Warnock, the Democrat has greater support among independents, according to the poll, which got 54% support in that group, compared to 39% of independents who favor Walker, a longtime football star who was stalked by former President Donald Trump was promoted.

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The Georgia race will not determine which party controls the Senate majority, as Republicans failed to defeat Democratic incumbents in the midterms and one Democrat — John Fetterman of Pennsylvania — turned over an vacant Senate seat.

Both parties fear the race’s lesser importance in Georgia will result in lower voter turnout, though many Democratic strategists believe the momentum is working in their favor.

Walker was accused of lying about his business and academic achievements and paying for two girlfriends’ abortions, although he claimed to be anti-abortions. Democrats hope moderate Republicans stay home as a Walker win would not give the GOP a majority.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are not letting up in the election campaign. Former President Barack Obama will lead a rally for Warnock in Georgia on December 1st.

It is unclear whether Trump will promote Walker in Georgia – or whether Trump’s appearance would help his political protégé. After a disappointing performance in the midterm elections — including losses from Trump-backed candidates — many leading Republicans are urging the party to get past Trump as it attempts to retake the White House and Senate in 2024.

Walker, who has long praised the former president, deflected a question last week about how he felt about Trump’s endorsement.

“Right now, Trump is running for President. I’m running for Senate here in Georgia,” Walker told Fox Business. “This is not Trump’s breed. This is Herschel Walker’s breed,” he said, before adding that he’s glad to have support from both Trump and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

While Democrats have secured the Senate majority, they want the extra Senate seat, currently at 50-50, to give some breathing room. Now every single Democratic vote is required to pass a Democratic law, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the casting vote.

Opposition from Senator Joe Manchin, a more conservative West Virginia Democrat, thwarted efforts by the Biden administration to pass certain legislation, including a comprehensive package on domestic spending and climate change. The measure was eventually passed, reduced to meet Manchin’s objections.

Additionally, Democrats don’t want to add to their math problems in 2024 when the party must defend 23 of the 34 Senate seats up for election that year.

Warnock also won his first race in a runoff election in 2021, beating GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler 50.6% to 49.5%.