🌱 Stolen car chase + 5 shootings, 5 victims + busy day @ PHL

Good morning friends! Patty-Pat Kozlowski with her Monday edition of the Philadelphia Daily. Read on for the top things happening in the city, including updates on:

  • A stolen Cadillac, a multi-car accident, a horrific death and guns left behind in Port Richmond.
  • Saturday was a violent day in Philadelphia as five shootings ripped through the city.
  • Philadelphia International Airport sees record number of travelers as people head home after Thanksgiving.

But first today’s weather:

Airy with clouds and sun. High: 55 Low: 32.

Here are today’s top stories in Philadelphia:

  1. It was straight out of the video game Grand Theft Auto, but with dire consequences. A stolen Cadillac Escalade escaped a police chase when it crashed at a busy Port Richmond intersection. The getaway car crashed into two other cars, taking a woman and child to the hospital and hitting a man in a wheelchair on the street, killing him. Four suspects fled the Escalade, leaving three loaded firearms and ammunition. (WPVI-TV)
  2. Philadelphia police are investigating shootings across the city that injured five different men. Police were investigating shootings and dead victims in Hunting Park, Cresentville and North Philadelphia between 1 a.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday on Thanksgiving weekend. In four of the five cases, police said no weapons had been found and no arrests had been made. All shootings will be investigated. (FOX 29 Philadelphia)
  3. What’s your favorite travel movie – Home Alone or Planes, Trains and Automobiles? This past weekend, Philadelphia International Airport saw one of the busiest travel days on record as people go home and come home for the holidays. (WPVI-TV)

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Today in Philly:

  • Lankenau Medical Center Women’s Board invites you to attend the 35th Annual Tree of Life Light (5:30 p.m.)
  • Human Relations Commission – Lansdowne Borough (6.30pm)

From my notebook:

  • Baltimore has horror movie villain The Candyman that has been terrifying moviegoers for over 20 years. But Philly has something way, way better and sweeter. We have The Candy Lady” and the only thing uncanny about Lynette Morrison is her high energy and exquisite ability to balance boxes of candy on her head. So say her name three times and make sure you buy candy! (inquirer.com)
  • Happiness is a warm puppy. good sorrow You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. Although this next article has nothing to do with the Philadelphia news, it will warm your heart and make you smile. Did you know that Charles Schultz will be 100 years old? Let’s wish the late great comic artist who brought us Snoopy and the Peanuts gang and very happy century. (NPR)
  • The Instagram Murders – This crime story took place northeast of Philly in Bensalem, PA and sadly bears the marks of the times throughout. A Bensalem teenager took to Instagram to ask a friend for help disposing of a body. A 16-year-old boy was arrested after police were informed of a possible murder. He is facing multiple charges related to murder and evidence tampering as he posted a picture of a bloodied corpse on his Instagram. PhillyVoice has a report on this unusual incident. (Philly voice)

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Patty Pat Kozlowski

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