According to Mike Love, the Beach Boys Holiday & Hits Tour is reminiscent of the old days

Beach Boys fans will hear decades of timeless hits and vacation favorites when the legendary band, led by Mike Love, visits our area this season.

‘Tis the Season with The Beach Boys’ features the gently harmonizing pop-rock group backed by the Holiday Vibrations Orchestra.

Love and Bruce Johnston, who joined the Beach Boys in 1965, represent the vintage line-up, which is joined onstage by musical director Scott Totten, Brian Eichenberger, Christian Love, Tim Bonhomme, John Cowsill, Keith Hubacher and Randy Leago.

In 1961, Love formed The Beach Boys with his cousins, the Wilson brothers – Dennis, Carl and Brian – and the Wilsons’ friend Al Jardine, changing the musical and pop culture landscape in the process. There has been public bickering and litigation, with chief lyricist Brian Wilson and Jardine still touring together as a separate band, although the Beach Boys’ importance remains intact as a group that sold millions of records smashed California’s fun-in-das Image of the sun and promoted the concept of oldies radio and legacy bands whose members were still touring when they had aged into their 60’s, 70’s and now 80’s.