Amazing Air Tour of Poconos Mountain, Pennsylvania

The world is changing daily with technological advances in telecommunications, information, aviation, artificial intelligence, etc. No wonder life is busy; There is something primal in human nature that wants to break out and explore, spread your wings and feel freedom in the air. The overwhelming size and splendor of the mountains are intoxicating. The Poconos Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania invite travelers every year to discover the region’s natural elegance. The Poconos Mountain Aerial Tour is an ideal way to enjoy its surreal beauty in a specific time period.

The aerial view of traffic, Delaware Water Gap and fall foliage landscape from the summit of Mount Tammany Red Dot Trail near Hardwick Township, New Jersey, USA Photo by

Poconos Mountains: Jewel of Pennsylvania

The Poconos Mountains comprise a series of flat-topped mountains that span 2,500 square miles at elevations ranging from 1400 to 1800 feet. Forming part of the Allegheny Plateau, this beautiful landscape is fed by the sparkling Lehigh and Lackawaxen Rivers. The Poconos are a green canvas of wooden hills and forested valleys that offer visitors endless recreational activities. The limitless variety of landscapes welcomes a plethora of outdoor recreational activities such as camping, racing, skiing, hiking, etc.

If you want to get away from the clutter of life and buildings, especially in New York City or Philadelphia, head straight to the Poconos Mountains. The Poconos Mountain Aerial Tour puts the world at your feet as you soar above the region’s heavenly rivers, lakes, lush forests, and more. The mesmerizing flight offers a different perspective of the stunning Poconos region and leaves you filled with fulfillment and pleasure.

Poconos Mountain Air Tour

The Poconos Mountain air tour offers an exhilarating sense of adventure with a bird’s-eye view of soaring peaks, green hills, pristine landscapes, etc. If you are short on time or lack the physical abilities to explore the mountain region, the air tour is just that Proper The perfect way to have an enjoyable experience on Poconos in just one day. When you take the Poconos Air Tour, you can fulfill your longtime dream of soaring into the vastness of mighty mountains. The once-in-a-lifetime air tour to Poconos Mountain is available year-round. A handful of airlines offer air travel from 8am to sunset every day, including weekends and public holidays.

Amazing details of the Poconos mountain tours from the air

Air tour operators such as Hop on Air, Moyer Aviation, Pocono Helitours, Valley Aviation, etc. that specialize in airborne sightseeing tours of the Poconos Mountains. The flight departs from Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport, a general aviation facility in Monroe County. The aerial tour over Poconos Mountain usually takes less than an hour, but will leave you with an extraordinary memory for life.


There are many spectacular locations in the dramatic surroundings of the Poconos. Because there are so many exciting places to explore, Poconos air tours vary depending on the landscape. Since this 2400 square mile cliff is divided into six regions, you may prefer to take an air tour in any of these regions including the Lake Region, Mountain Region, Delaware River Region, Wyoming Valley, etc.

Types of Air Travel in the Poconos

Looking for an incredible 360-degree view of the Pennsylvania region from a mountaintop? Here are the most popular air trips that offer visually satisfying retreats in Poconos:

1. Air Tour to Mount Pocono

The Mount Pocono Air Tour rewards you with magnificent views of Mount Pocono and circles some of the region’s breathtaking attractions. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Mount Pocono region and marvel at the famous spots in the area such as the Kalahari Resorts Poconos, Great Wolf Lodge Water Park, Mount Airy Casino and many lakes and resorts.

It’s a 10-12 minute flight that costs around $35-$50 per passenger. The most used aircraft is the Cessna 172, the most produced and flown aircraft in the world. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 passengers can fly on this legendary aircraft along with an FAA-certified pilot.

2. Delaware Water Gap Tour

It’s another short but exciting flight journey that takes you from Pocono Mountains Airport to Delaware Water Gap. Immerse yourself in the magical world surrounded by scenic views of the Delaware Water Gap, hiking trails, and Forest Valley aboard the Cessna 172 aircraft during this 25- to 30-minute ride. The aircraft flies south past landmarks such as Pocono Manor , Big Pocono State Park and the Valley of Delaware Water Gap. The 30-minute air tour over the Delaware Water Gap costs about $70-$115.

3. Lake Harmony Tour

It’s the most luxurious way to marvel at the splendor of Lake Harmony nestled in the hills of Carbon County. The Lake Harmony Air Tour allows you to soar over the Pocono International Runway, Lake Harmony and the area’s ski slopes for approximately 25 minutes. You can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the glacial lakes that line the peak of the mountain for as little as $65-$70.

4. Lake Wallenpaupack Tour

Lake Wallenpaupack is Pennsylvania’s second largest lake and a major recreational destination in the Pocono Mountains. Since activities such as boating, swimming, fishing, ice skating in the lake, etc. are common, the unique way to enjoy the beauty of the lake is by flying. The aerial view of this recreational lake from above is just too mesmerizing to believe.

Hop on the plane to experience the Lake Wallenpaupack Tour, which takes in the Tobyhanna Army Depot, the state parks, and finally the legendary lake itself. Water loving enthusiasts can book this tour to marvel at the beauty of this lake and its natural feature.

The duration of this tour is around 30-35 minutes and the cost ranges from $100-$150.

5. Delaware Water Gap and Lake Wallenpaupack Air Tour

It is possible to experience the scenic Delaware Water Gap and Lake Wallenpaupack in one scenic tour. If you want to enjoy exceptional views of these idyllic destinations from the clouds, this tour is for you. You will complete the entire tour in 50 minutes. You will have trouble putting down the camera when capturing the amazing bird’s eye view landscape images.

The longer the tour duration, the higher the cost. You have to pay over $150 for this scenic combo tour.