Beyond Meat Defends Food Safety Certifications After Reports of Problems at Pennsylvania Plant; Food safety expert says the devil is in the details

in a (n Article in BloombergWhich quickly made the rounds on social media on Monday, reporter Deena Shanker said photos and internal documents provided by a former employee showed: “obvious mold, listeria and other food safety issues​.”

According to Shanker’s unnamed source, products from the plant”tested positive for Listeria at least 11 times in the second half of last year and in the first half of 2022​,” a finding corroborated by two other former employees of the loss-making company, which recently announced plans to lay off 200 employees at one company cost reduction drive.

Meanwhile, photos from inside the facility in January and April 2022 showed “Spills, unsafe use of equipment and mold on walls and ingredient bins, while spreadsheets, photos and reports produced internally show foreign materials such as twine, metal, wood and plastic were found in food from the facility at least as recently as last December‘ Shanker claimed.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture: “Prior to the Bloomberg article, the Department had not received any complaints about the conditions they reported”

A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) shared with FoodNavigator-USA the results of a Sept. 21 “limited” inspection report that was initiated.due to a media information request due to lack of current PDA registration​.” According to the report, the “The company manager at the last visit who was supposed to renew the registration left the company and did not renew the registration.”

The report shows that the Beyond Meat facility is fully compliant in all areas, including sanitation, processes and controls, as well as facilities and grounds.