PHILADELPHIA, November 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To 21.11On February 22-23, 2022, the Crossroads Treatment Center’s (CTC/Crossroads) Community Health Program hosted its first Christmas present, which consisted of 45 gift baskets, including a 10-pound turkey and a set of traditional “side dishes” sold at Traditional to be found were Thanksgiving dinners. The program was held at the center’s clinics at 504 South Street, 2820 West Girard Avenue and 2307 North Broad Street. The recipients of the baskets were select community residents and patients participating in CTC’s Community Health Program.

The Community Health Program was created in Philadelphiaas part of the governor Tom Wolfs Centers of Excellence initiative in 2016 and aims to address the state’s mounting crisis related to the use of opioids and other licit and illicit drugs. The Governor’s position reads, “Centers of excellence have proven to be a critical part of our efforts to improve care for people with opioid use disorders. It is crucial that we continue to do everything in our power to fight this epidemic and with these centers people suffering from OUD (opioid use disorders) have access to treatment in their communities for the whole person rather than just the Illness.”

Structured according to the University of Pennsylvania IMPaCT (Individualized Management for Patient-Centered Targets) model, the Community Health Program identifies how patients can be influenced by the social determinants of health in their neighborhoods and works to solve such problems. In addition, researchers from University of Pennsylvania health system have a partnership with Philadelphia Community members and health system leaders to develop a dynamic, evidence-based, nationally recognized model.

Part of this process required CTC to establish Community Health Professionals, composed of members of management staff, tasked with engaging the company’s most vulnerable patients by helping them remove barriers that currently prevent them from providing the receive the treatment they need and deserve.

As Jessica Pointerthe manager of the CTC program, commented, “Community Health Professionals are canvassing in our communities, attending meetings and programs, and working with organizations to connect patients with resources they may not be aware of. You have a special ability to bring information to people and places where it is most needed. Our program is driven by these “front line agents of change”.

Working well beyond treatment standards, the team is able to fill previously unaddressed gaps and customize treatment courses based on each client’s specific needs and requirements. This enables them to direct clients to resources and liaison services that will ensure their path to recovery is as unobstructed as possible. This is especially important when trying to improve outcomes for high-risk clients.

Crossroads is committed to helping people recover from their addiction and take back control of their lives. In this regard, CTC concluded this week’s holiday celebrations by having staff and managers volunteer to assist the Reverend of ODAAT Henry T Wells and Chief Rooney Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner. The dinner is an annual event, now in its 23rd year, and was held at the ODAAT AFCOM Center located in 2432 W Lehigh Avenue. Guests at the event were Masters of Ceremonies Evangelist Chip Mitchella special performance by Soldiers for Recovery; and a variety of civic-minded, socially-conscious supporters and volunteers.

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SOURCE Crossroads Treatment Centers