Deals and discounts for the second largest marijuana vacation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

It’s a long-standing tradition for cannabis users to go on a “thanksgiving walk” before dinner. For this reason, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving has become an informal, national shopping holiday so people can stock up before the big holiday.

Dubbed “Green Wednesday,” buyers in recreational and medical marijuana states will see big sales and discounts on their cannabis products on November 23 this year. Medical and recreational pharmacies in both Pennsylvania (medical) and New Jersey (recreational and medical) will reduce prices.

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While Green Wednesday hasn’t ended the 4/20 holiday sales yet. exceeds that, WeedMaps — an online marijuana retailer and app that provides dispensary information and product reviews — estimates more than 3 million users in the eastern states (from Illinois to Florida and as far away as Maine). ) used the site to shop for cannabis deals, with a dramatic increase in seasonal promo codes and 40% more orders than during the non-holiday period.

Across the country, people spent $100 million on marijuana this past holiday season. That is a lot green.

We reached out to pharmacies in the Philadelphia area to see what kind of deals they were offering this year, and here’s what we were able to find. (note: This is not a comprehensive list of all offers in the region. Visit a Pennsylvania or New Jersey pharmacy’s website to see available offerings.)

Green Wednesday

  • The first 100 patients at each pharmacy to purchase will receive one-eighth (3.5g) of the Kind Tree-branded flower

  • $25 Calyspo Concentrates while supplies last

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  • Green Wednesday: 30% discount throughout the store

  • Black Friday: 30% discount throughout the store

  • cyber monday: 25% discount on online orders

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Offers for Green Wednesday and Black Friday

  • 40% off Grassroots, Curaleaf and Select branded products

  • Special Offer: Seven grams of “Blades” by Grassroots. You can get two containers (half an ounce) for $110 or four containers (ounce) for $180 (Blades is a mix of smaller marijuana buds, broken marijuana pieces and the small crystals that sit on top marijuana buds, also known as “kief.”)

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  • Green Wednesday, November 23rd: 35% discount throughout the store. If you spend at least $500, you will receive an additional 5% discount

  • Thursday 24th Nov: All recovery sites will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday

  • Black Friday 25th November to Sunday 27th November: 30% discount on the entire store. If you spend over $500, you will get an additional 5% discount

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Green Wednesday

  • Get any 0.5 gram Cresco Liquid Live Resin Vaporizer Cartridge for $1 when you spend $300 or more (limit 1 per customer; in-store use; while supplies last).

  • Get 3.5g of Cresco brand (eighth) flowers for $30

  • Get 7.5g (quarter ounce) of Supply brand Blume for $50

  • 20% discount on Rythm vaporizer products and concentrates

  • $10 off FloraCal brand live rosin and vaporizer products

  • $20 off 1g Cresco Brand Sugar Plum Sunset x Keystone Banana Live Sauce

  • $20 off Cresco brand Durban x GG#4 flower

  • $15 off Verano brand flowers

  • $10 off 3.5g (eighths) of The Woods brand flower

  • $5 off Double Bear 1g Vaporizer

  • Get an additional $5 off your entire purchase (redeemable November 28-30)

Black Friday

  • Buy 4/8s of Cresco brand (3.5g) and quarters of Supply brand (7g) of ground flower for $120

  • Buy 4 Supply brand quarters (7g) of ground flower for $200

  • 25% off Select and Grassroots branded vape products

  • 25% off Cresco branded concentrates

  • $5 Off FloraCal Brand Live Rosin And Vapes

  • $10 off 1g Cresco Brand Sugar Plum Sunset x Keystone Banana Live Sauce

  • $10 off 1g of Rythm brand concentrates

  • Get an additional $5 off your total purchase (redeemable November 28-30)

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Green Wednesday

  • 25% off 3.5g Curaleaf brand flowers

  • 25% Off Select Branded Vape Products

  • Purchase five Curaleaf Brand Pre-Roll Joints at 1g for $70 (each additional Curaleaf Brand Pre-Roll Joint you purchase is $14)

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These offerings are available at the Voorhees Sweetspot location at 903 White Horse Road, Voorhees Township, NJ – Medical Use Only.

Green Wednesday

  • $20 off all orders over $150

  • $40 off all orders over $200

  • $75 off all orders over $300

*Stackable with Sweetspot membership discount*

Black Friday

  • 15% off all orders over $100

  • 20% off all orders over $200

  • 25% off all orders over $300

*Stackable with Sweetspot membership discount*