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Anticipation gives way to excitement as Pennsylvania’s gun deer hunting season—an annual rite in late fall—begins.

It’s an exercise that tests endurance and patience, observation and tracking skills, and physical stamina in dealing with less than ideal temperatures, as well as a range of potentially adverse, rapidly changing weather conditions.

Like other sports, hunting does not guarantee success. However, it can produce wonderful results even if the actual hunting success is not achieved.

What we are alluding to is when it helps rekindle or strengthen positive relationships within family and with friends and others.

Hunting is also a learning experience in terms of what is interesting “Secrets” that forested areas offer protection. This means that when hunting game, hunters have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and understanding of environmental issues and concerns affecting forested areas and the various animal populations.

Experienced hunters, even most hunters with much less experience, understand that hunting is not without its qualms. Perhaps sometime in the future, today’s young hunters will provide the vision and foresight for major improvements in the hunting experience – improvements that their fathers and grandfathers would have enjoyed.

One of the obvious issues that needs to be addressed is evident on or along many roads in this region in the weeks leading up to the opening day of the stags every year.

It is the deer that is killed in collisions with vehicles.

In his column in the November 5-6 edition of the Mirror, Walt Young referenced an insurance industry report that showed Pennsylvania topped the nation in animal collision claims for the past year – that the likelihood of a Pennsylvania driver having a Deer or something else meets large is animal was determined to be about 1 in 58.

According to Young’s column, November is always the best month for deer-vehicle collisions for a number of reasons, including cooler autumn weather provoking increased deer activity and the peak of the rut, the breeding season for deer.

It’s a pity that so much flesh is lost in collisions with vehicles. It’s meat that would be a boon to hundreds, if not thousands, of needy families in this part of Keystone state if it were available to them through traditional hunting.

No doubt many people — particularly drivers who have been involved in collisions or near-misses with deer — are wondering why science hasn’t developed an inexpensive, non-toxic, eco-friendly repellent that can be widely used to keep deer off road rights-away, where they pose a threat to the life and well-being of people, as well as to their own.

Then there are the residential areas which serve as a year-round haven for sizeable deer populations as the deer cannot be hunted in these environments.

Residents who have suffered property damage as a result of these circumstances no doubt agree that no such protection should be afforded to these deer – that a vigorous initiative should be taken to make these deer available to hunters in a traditional hunting environment.

Hopefully the hunters of this region will have a productive hunt this year, but they should also consider the issues of the hunt and bring their thoughts to the State Game Commission whenever the opportunity arises.

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