I was a runaway mom and my kids don’t want to talk to me

DEAR ABBY: Fifteen years ago I “ran away from home” to escape my grown children and finally built a life for myself.

They were able to stay in the house because I kept paying the mortgage. Her father – my ex – and his family all lived nearby.

Now none of my children want anything to do with me or my family and they don’t want any communication from me. I guess they feel abandoned as I was the parent they could always count on.

Is there anything I can do to fix our relationship?

nascent mother in pennsylvania

DEAR MUM: Yeah, tell your kids you’re selling the house that I assume you own entirely now. I’m pretty sure they will start “communicating” with you as soon as the message gets to them.

You’ve been more than generous by keeping the house rates the same so they have a roof over their heads. If you had to “run away” from your bottomless need, you did the right thing.