“Oz Carpetbagger Act” is now required; Missing red wave not surprising


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Oz Carpetbagger Act is now required

Now that the elections are over and Dr. Oz is safely back home in New Jersey, it’s time to take a look at what happened.

It was obvious from the start that Oz had no interest in Pennsylvania. He just wanted to buy himself a seat in the Senate. Apparently he thought he could fool the people of Pennsylvania, but our constituents are smarter than he thought and turned him away.

Though we’ll never see Oz again, he can still leave a positive legacy in Pennsylvania. It’s time our legislature approved the Dr. Oz Carpetbagger Act (DOCA) passed to prevent prospective candidates from launching a campaign in a state where they don’t belong.

The DOCA should have simple requirements that even seasoned con artists cannot escape: Potential Pennsylvania candidates would have to reside in Pennsylvania or their target counties for the number of years their tenure would last, vote, and pay taxes on the run.

Thus, candidates for State Representative (like Justin Behrens) and Congress would have to reside, vote, and pay taxes in their proposed districts for two years, candidates for Senate and Governor of Pennsylvania four years — and candidates for the U.S. Senate six years .

It’s a safe bet that any currently elected official in those offices easily meets those standards.

So let’s remember the Oz and do the Dr. Oz Carpetbagger Act a requirement for all future nominees. It’s the least we can do to avoid falling on the carpet again.

Claudia Wilson, Bellefonte

Missing red wave not surprising

Of course there was no red wave. The Republican Party has failed to make its case. No anti-abortion, little mention of the horrendous border problem or rugged economy. The Democrats might as well have paraphrased Admiral Farragut: “Damn the fetuses; Full throttle ahead!” Not a word from either side about the silent third in our national flood of fetuses!

Then there was DJT’s loud mouth. Doesn’t any Republican remember Trump’s sadistic treatment of his fellow Republicans in 2016, or his condemnation of his loyal vice president, or his irritability in office tweeting like an idiot? Aren’t you put off by his misogynistic tirades and endless proclamations of being the greatest president ever (which insult our greatest leaders)? He sends me offers to give me signed pictures of himself (nothing but sell portraits for your campaign money!). Trump’s mistakes are why Joe Biden is behind the oval desk today. I believe our last two presidents were our two worst presidents.

Republicans shouldn’t be too confident that Joe Biden will be rejected in 2024. I’m convinced he’ll keep Republicans off guard and wait until the last moment to say he won’t run. That gives Democrats the perfect opportunity to pick a safe voter like Pennsylvania’s Josh Shapiro. mark my word

Guy Graybill, Selinsgrove

Corman’s true legacy

In a recent issue of the CDT, Senator Corman wrote an article highlighting his time in the State Senate. He reviewed all of his legislative achievements, including those for which he was just finding credit. I’m sure he hopes we’ll remember those things as we look back on his time in the Senate.

Unfortunately for him, that’s not the case for me, and I’m sure for many others. We will remember how he supported efforts by his fellow Republicans to overturn the voting results in the 2020 Pennsylvania election.

The other thing that comes to mind is that during Trump’s tenure as President, as well as in the years before and after, he never publicly voiced criticism of Trump’s appalling actions and statements, or even his involvement in the January 6 riot.

Shall I count him a great legislator? No! He will be remembered as another of Donald Trump’s toadies.

John Casey, State College