Road closures in NJ are making less and less sense

As I mentioned before the holidays, it has been a busy travel weekend for the Spadea family. All airport runs were successful, but the experience made me think that communication is somewhat lacking in our government.

Truck lanes on the New Jersey Turnpike north of Exit 9 were closed en route to the first run Tuesday morning before Thanksgiving. As a result, all Route 1 and Route 18 traffic had to squeeze into one ramp. It looked like one of the bridges was under construction so maybe this was a critical repair.

I’m not sure but earlier in the week I was on Route 287 and there were miles of lane closures resulting in a single lane reverse that delayed us about 30 minutes. The reason? A couple of guys, a truck, a full bucket and a shovel. Not sure how a bucket of dry fill would make a difference with the massive up and down 287 pothole issues.

Anyhow, perhaps the road signs can actually warn drivers at a point where they can make a decision to divert and exit before traffic begins to back up. Instead, we’re getting silly, snarky signs that some have said are a distraction for drivers and have been canceled by the federal government.

It’s embarrassing that NJ had to be taken down by federal highway officers, but when they’re acting like kids, don’t be surprised someone had to play adults.

Back to the airport. On Wednesday night my wife Jodi and I had an event in Westfield and should have been about 15 minutes from the airport to pick up my son. Well we got to the airport in about 15 minutes and then sat for 34 minutes to get from Terminal A to Terminal C.

All “incoming flights” ramps were closed. No reason was given, no signs, only traffic was forced into one lane. Maybe this is all in anticipation of the new terminal due to open this month, it only cost $3 billion so let’s see if that’s the problem with inbound traffic. Am I the only one who is skeptical?

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