The Mastriano case for open primaries

Pennsylvania Republicans, yearning for the governorship after Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s two terms in office, were thwarted this year by a superior candidate, Democratic Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro, and by their own primary election system. It produced the disastrous Republican candidate, Sen. Doug Mastriano, who lost by 14 percentage points and likely hurt Republican candidates in the voting.

Part of that blow was due to independent voters overwhelmingly electing Shapiro by more than 2-1.

There are 1.4 million Independents among Pennsylvania’s 8.7 million registered voters, and they are the fastest growing cohort. However, state law does not allow them to vote in primary elections, leaving each party’s voters alone to choose their candidates, or in Mastriano’s case, their poison.

How the GOP’s hope of a red wave in Pennsylvania crumbled

MAGA world, meet the real world

The only question in this year’s Republican gubernatorial primary was which candidate could show the most loyalty to former President Donald Trump.

Mastriano was credible in that regard. He spat out Trump’s lie that the 2020 Pennsylvania presidential election was stolen from Trump. He introduced a Senate order to prevent confirmation of the election. He funded bus trips to Washington on January 6, 2021 to defy Congressional confirmation of the Electoral College vote and was staying in the Capitol amid the riot. He participated in efforts to appoint false voters.