The Pennsylvania School District votes to oppose a law that would prohibit teaching races that are superior to another

A Pennsylvania school district voted unanimously on Tuesday to oppose a law, if enacted, that would prohibit teaching “racist” concepts, such as that any race is superior to any other.

The Pittsburgh School District passed a resolution saying it would oppose “harmful legislation,” such as the Republican-backed bill called HB 1532.

Board member Devon Taliaferro said: “[Children] deserve leaders who stand up for their rights and slam “radical politicians” who she claimed are trying to censor the curriculum.

“I hope that we will be the leaders our students need as they carry on the legacy of the future … which begins with politics and the things we can control.”

Devon Taliaferro

Devon Taliaferro


HB 1532, if enacted, would prohibit the teaching of “racist and sexist concepts” in school districts and “aim to restrict the divisive nature of concepts commonly known as ‘critical race theory.'”

“Critical race theory divides us further by making the unchanging characteristics of race and gender a major factor in how we view others — the exact opposite of Dr. [Martin Luther] King’s dream,” says a legal text description.

“Our legislation makes it clear that no school district, public post-secondary institution, or state or local government agency in Pennsylvania may teach that one race or gender is superior to another, that a person is inherently racist or sexist because of race or gender or that every person should be given preferential treatment or discriminated against because of race or sex,” the bill reads.

Critical race theory holds that America and its institutions are systemically racist and employ an oppressor versus oppressor lens.

Critical race theory holds that America and its institutions are systemically racist and employ an oppressor versus oppressor lens.

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The resolution, on the other hand, claimed the bill aimed to accurately teach history.

“They deserve to learn deeply about our history, read books that represent their heritage and culture, and find out who they are and how they identify,” said one board member.

Fox News Digital requested comment and was referred to a press release that said: “The District officially opposes and opposes any legislation that stifles classroom discussion, promotes fear, intolerance, hatred and staff, students and people of color.” devalues ​​families. and LGBTQ+ students, staff and families.”

The school board's resolution claimed HB 1532 would prevent accurate history teaching.

The school board’s resolution claimed HB 1532 would prevent accurate history teaching.

around the usa, republican Lawmakers introduced legislation to combat the use of critical race theory in public schools, and while some critics claim that the bills attack freedom of expression, other proponents frame the issue as a matter of preventing racial discrimination and upholding federal civil rights law .


Georgia State Assemblyman Will Wade, R-Dawsonville, a sponsor of the Georgia bill, said his bill aims to “ensure that children are not pitted against one another in the classroom because of their race.” I believe the content of our character is like that we should be measured and that we should show every human being complete and absolute respect.”

“This is clearly about eradicating discrimination and racism for everyone. This is not a Republican issue. This is not a democratic issue,” an Arizona state official previously told Fox News Digital. “This furthers the work of our civil rights leaders who have fought so hard to get us to where we are today.”

Fox News’ Tyler O’Neil contributed to this report.