The White House wants to tell the “great story of America” with festive decor

This year’s White House Christmas decorations are constitutional-themed, adorning the halls with the theme “We the People.”

Jill Biden unveiled the theme for the annual decorating tradition Monday, saying in a statement that her hope for the seasonal White House makeover is to “capture the spirit that is embodied in the idea of ​​America.”

“We hope that when you visit the People’s House, you will feel at home in the rooms steeped in history and festive decorations, in the mirrored ornaments and reflective lights, and in the great history of America,” said the First Lady.

“As our country gathers for the holiday, traditions may vary, but our shared American values ​​— a belief in possibility, optimism, and unity — endure season after season,” she added.

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In a media preview Monday, the White House gave a first look at its holiday transformation.

A tree attracting visitors at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. saluted for the first time, Gold honors Star families, with ornaments inscribed with the names of fallen service members. Biden, who launched her Joining Forces initiative with former First Lady Michelle Obama in 2011, is ready to welcome National Guard leaders and families to the White House on Monday.

Another area of ​​the White House, the Vermeil Room, features cameos of the Bidens’ pets, with illustrations of Commander the dog and Willow the cat. The drawings, according to the White House, are intended to “remind us of the gift of unconditional love.”

The Gingerbread House in the State Dining Room is joined this year by a cute sidekick: a sugar cookie replica from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. The massive confection consists of 20 sheets of sugar cookie dough, 30 sheets of gingerbread dough, 100 pounds of pastillage, 30 pounds of chocolate and 40 pounds of royal icing, according to the White House.

The White House also announced a “new addition” to its collection this year: a wooden menorah that was removed in a circa 1950 renovation during President Truman’s administration. The Menorah, located in the Cross Hall of the White House, was created by the Executive Residence Carpentry Shop.

This year’s decorations include more than 83,600 fairy lights, 25 wreaths and 77 Christmas trees.

More than 150 volunteers helped decorate the White House this year in anticipation of the 50,000 visitors expected over the holiday season.

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