10 Beautiful (But Underrated) Parks To Visit In West Virginia

West Virginia’s rugged mountains, rivers, forests and many other natural treasures are protected in state and national parks. There is something unique to experience in each of these parks, which is why they are all worth a visit. While the more popular parks are worth visiting, these are simply underrated, meaning they are largely unspoilt and don’t attract as many people as other, more popular ones. Next time you’re in West Virginia, ditch the more popular parks and visit these underrated parks for the almost heavenly experience.

10/10 Little Beaver State Park

Little Beaver State Park is an outdoor paradise that offers everything from camping to hiking. The park has up to 46 campgrounds, a large lake, and many trails suitable for both novice and experienced hikers. While embarking on the adventures on offer here, visitors are also treated to incredible forest scenery and relaxing serenity.

9/10 Cedar Creek State Park

Cedar Creek State Park has three scenic lakes with clear, inviting waters that offer great swimming, boating, or fishing. The park has a picnic area where visitors can relax and enjoy a delicious meal in nature. With a golf course, many hiking trails and several campsites, there is so much to enjoy here.

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8/10 Beartown State Park

Beartown State Park invites visitors to enjoy an amazing time in nature as it is endowed with tall trees and unique rock formations. The park is 110 hectares and hiking is an opportunity to see unusual rock formations and beautiful forest landscapes that just feel like walking in a fantasy land.

7/10 Pinnacle Rock State Park

Pinnacle Rock State Park in Mercer, West Virginia offers visitors opportunities for recreational activities such as swimming, fishing and camping. The park’s massive sandstone tower is the main attraction, but the park also has a picnic area where you can enjoy relaxing moments with friends, and there are also hiking trails for some outdoor adventures.

6/10 Lost River State Park

Lost River State Park offers natural scenery, tranquility and plenty of adventure. One of the best things to do in the park is to stay in one of the cabins, but there are many other things to enjoy here such as hiking, horseback riding, and picnicking. For some amazing views, visitors here can visit the lookout atop Big Ridge Mountain, which offers mesmerizing vistas of forest-covered mountains and valleys.

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5/10 Hawks Nest State Park

Hawks Nest State Park has facilities and amenities to meet the needs of all travelers. While the restaurant caters to the needs of foodies with fantastic dishes, here the river will meet the needs of adventurers and nature lovers. History buffs also have something to enjoy as the park has a museum and gift shop where several amazing works of art are available for purchase.

4/10 Audra State Park

Audra State Park features rolling countryside and the crystal-clear Middle Fork River, perfect for kayaking and swimming. The park has lush hiking trails that are key to discovering the natural features found in the area. With well-developed campsites and fantastic picnic spots, every moment spent here promises to be unforgettable. Audra State Park also offers fishing and boating opportunities.

3/10 Beech Fork State Park

Beech Fork State Park is a 3,144-acre area characterized by a large lake and lush forests. The park has numerous recreational facilities, from hiking trails to campgrounds to a gift shop. While hiking is perhaps the best here, other activities are also available, such as B. mountain biking, fishing and pedal boating.

2/10 Camp Creek State Park

Camp Creek State Park invites nature lovers to enjoy a beautiful wooded area with a gorgeous waterfall and several miles of hiking trails. Visitors to this park have at their disposal several well-equipped campsites and a cozy cabin for relaxing and enjoying nature. For some adventure, you can fish in one of the creeks or go biking and horseback riding on one of the park’s marked trails.

1/10 Babcock State Park

Babcock State Park is a natural paradise in West Virginia with scenic waterfalls and a plethora of trees that glow beautifully in the fall. Year-round, this park offers opportunities for a variety of activities, from mountain biking to hiking to fishing. Water activities such as white water rafting or canoeing are also available in the park. The natural scenery of this place is even enough to make a person’s trip here unforgettable and unique, especially in autumn when the leaves turn into beautiful sights of red, orange and yellow.