ACC Summary – Down Goes #1

They can’t say they weren’t warned. Coach Hubert Davis told his UNC team early on that it wasn’t March anymore. He has publicly questioned their efforts and commitment, and has presumably done so more privately.

So far they haven’t listened. Friday’s loss to Iowa State may catch their attention.

UNC has really only had one more or less solid game against James Madison so far.

Portland unmasked them Thursday, playing with far more passion and commitment than the Tar Heels showed, and the Cyclones finished dropping off the #1 rankings.

Caleb Grill toasted UNC with seven three pointers and 31 points.

UNC was at seven with 3:57 left when Grill went to work. He hit a three to reduce it to four, then, after a Pete Nance free throw, Robert Jones reduced it to three on a dunk.

Then Grill hit another three and two more, putting Iowa State at 63-61 with 1:43 left. RJ Davis hit two free throws and that was it until Puff Johnson hit a meaningless basket to reduce the final lead from seven to five.

To be fair, Duke struggled too, but UNC had four starters behind national runner-up.

And if you recall, Hubert Davis spent a good chunk of last season criticizing his team in much the same way. They eventually turned it around, but it took some time.

Jaylen Garner had a great night for Virginia with 26 points at 12-15 from the floor (no threes here) and the ‘Hoos just rolled over Maryland-Eastern Shore. It was about what could have been expected, nolo contendere for the 2-4 Hawks.

Pitt returned to .500 territory with a win over William & Mary. It was a close game until about five minutes into the second half as the Panthers picked up their third straight win. Blake Hinson had 17 points and 11 rebounds while John Hugley and Jamarius Burton had 16 each.

Virginia Tech is probably fed up with Charleston teams: After losing to the College of Charleston down there, Charleston Southern ventured out to Blacksburg to challenge and challenge the Hokies and lost by just five points—and it was a two point game with 1:22 left.

Justin Mutts had 17 points, nine boards and five assists. while Sean Pedulla threw in 15.

It wasn’t an easy win, but it was a win. Florida State is probably jealous.

NC State had the late game and handled Thad Mattas Butler with former State big man Manny Bates without too much trouble.

The pack started to pull away a little late in the first half and never looked back, rolling to an easy win. Four starters ended up in double figures, the fifth almost, and DJ Burns had 14 pulled from the bench.

Given some of the struggles of other ACC schools and their own solid game, State has a chance to step up this year.

Quick thought for Thad Matte: The guy had some really serious health issues that caused him to develop drop foot – basically he can’t control it due to a back problem. It forced him into early retirement from Ohio State. We are very happy to see him again. He’s a great coach.

FSU lost again, this time to Stanford. They were in the game until they weren’t anymore. Sounds obvious, but at a certain point in the second half Stanford had something – brains? – that the ‘Noles clearly missed it.

FSU had just three offensive rebounds and Stanford, hardly a juggernaut, outscored Florida State 27-2 on putbacks.

The young ‘Noles almost got blatant fouls back-to-back in the first half. On the first, Jalen Warley clearly tripped a Stanford player.

So why on behalf of Grayson Allen is nobody yelling about this? Unless you saw this miserable excuse for a game, you probably had no idea.

Oh well. With a 9-3 victory for the soccer team after beating Florida on Friday, FSU can finally become a soccer school again.

We thought Notre Dame was playing St. Bonaventure at home, but no – it was at the Gotham Classic. And this guy at St. Bonnie’s, Mark Schmidt, is an excellent coach. So we figured the Irish should win, but to a certain extent it’s…well, it’s not a trap game. But the Bonnies are no joke. They never chased either.

Notre Dame’s three-point content attack was also a flop as the Irish scored just 2-17.

Clemson nearly got Iowa, losing 74-71 after a nice late comeback. They have it back at 64-64 with 2:56 left, but it wasn’t enough.

However, they nearly made it, although star PJ Hall, who is recovering from injury, had just four rebounds and three fouls in 13 minutes.

ACC action on Saturday

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