After Virginian pilot challenges him in an editorial, “LGBTQ Americans need public support against efforts to wipe them out” VA Del. Tim Anderson (R) goes on tirade against ‘woke, Marxist liberal mob aiming to sexualize and confuse children’

VA Del. Tim Anderson (R) – a former close associate of extremist/Trump cultist VA Sen. Amanda Chase (R) who is now suddenly claiming that “Trump’s presidential candidacy is the absolute worst thing that can happen to Virginia state politics‘ – is obviously not happy that the Virginian pilot is calling him in his editorial, “LGBTQ Americans need public support against efforts to eradicate themAs the editorial board states 100% correctly:

The Commonwealth is not immune to this disease infecting the country. Earlier this year, Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration proposed rules that would harm and potentially put transgender youth in public schools at risk.

Del. Not content with just having the title removed from public schools, Tim Anderson, R-Virginia Beach, filed an unsuccessful lawsuit to stop private bookstores from selling “Gender Queer,” a treatise on the authors.

In response, Del posted. Anderson tiraded on his Facebook page, claiming (falsely) that the Virginian pilot had “not an ounce of journalistic integrity”; argue (ridiculously) that he actually is “The first person to walk against injustice(hahahahaha, now he’s some kind of social justice warrior hero?!?); and then rant that it’s all about “Protecting children’s innocence from an awakened Marxist liberal mob intent on sexualizing and confusing children in their formative years.“Uhhh… well, apart from the fact that there is literally no ‘woke Marxist liberal mob’ in America (‘woke’ is basically a vague, all-encompassing word used by right-wingers to attack anything they… don’t like; “Marxist” is just completely nonsensical in a US context and certainly has no relation to American liberals – who are most certainly not a “mob” in any way/form/form), the concept that Democrats, liberals, etc. “are intentional about the sexualization and confusion of children in their formative years” is based on… what evidence, exactly? So none at all? And why are right wingers like Tim Anderson so obsessed with this (wrong) idea in the first place?

With that, check out Anderson’s tirade below, followed by a photo of Del. Anderson with Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Del. Karen Greenhalgh, another right-wing Republican named by the Virginian-Pilot in its editorial, who notes that Greenhalgh “recently introduced legislation restricting participation in sports programming based on a person’s sex directly targets transgender children.” (For more on this bill, see Virginia Republicans Nationwide Join Their Peers in Wanting the State to Test Your Child’s Genitals).

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