Cowboys discuss West Virginia and Senior Day

Defensive End Ben Kopenski

For playing in multiple positions due to injuries:

“It was interesting and new. Actually not new because I played those spots in high school. Here it is new for me. When Tyler (Lacy) went down he was a big part of our defense so now we just have to find someone who can hurry and they ended up getting me there. It was fun.

On Nathan Latus Development:

“He’s always been very talented and I’m happy to see him getting replays. I feel like we were in the same boat with a lot of experience ahead of us and whenever we have the opportunity we try to make the most of it. It’s good to see him doing good in there.”

How the defense could adjust after the first quarter against OU:

“I think we have to play faster from the start, in recent weeks teams have often just jumped at us and we have to start jumping at them. I’m not necessarily sure if there was any different looks they gave us, I think it was just a lack of tackles and not playing decent football.

Defensive tackle Sione Asi

About the Big IX competition this year:

“It was very different from the last four or five years. Honestly, we see Kansas in the future. I had to learn that myself, but the greatest thing is always to respect your opponents and respect everyone, whether they’re good or bad. You’ll never know if you’re going to catch her on a really good day or a really bad day. I was curious to see how the league developed, to see the ups and downs and who is placed where.

How he feels playing his last home college game:

“It’ll probably level out when I run out one last time and walk out one last time. At the moment I’m looking forward to getting ready for our last home game with my teammates one last time. That’s something you can’t get back. The biggest thing is to focus on winning, so the biggest goal for my last now is to walk away with a win, especially here in Boone Pickens.

What he said to the team after the game against OU:

“We’ve had ups and downs this whole season. We’ve had our ups, we’ve had a lot of downs, so I think the biggest thing that Coach Gundy pressed on was that we’re so used to winning, so when we’re losing, everyone freaks out. He doesn’t get in Panic and makes everyone go through the tape, figure out where they screwed up, I told them it’s just a matter of finding mistakes, fixing the ones we made and then getting back on our feet come. We go.” being here at Boone Pickens Stadium is where we play best. That’s probably the biggest message to look ahead, not too far, just to the next opportunity and that’s this Saturday.”

wide receiver Braydon Johnson

To defend the winning streak at Boone Pickens Stadium:

“It’s definitely important, it’s our household. We have to defend it by all means.”

About attending the Big IX this year:

“It was definitely crazy. We just had to come in and control what we could control, just get to work and play hard. We knew a lot of teams were struggling this year. We only controlled what we could control and we were right in our attitude and limited our mistakes.”

On the emotions of his final year:

“It’s been a tough rollercoaster ride, ups and downs, but I feel like that’s life. You gotta love it when it’s up and when it’s down. You can’t just be happy at the top, you have to find things to be thankful for when life takes you down the hill. That was the biggest thing for me, just keeping my head up when I’m in a crisis and knowing that I’ll get back on my feet in the end.

cowboy back Braden Cassity

How he’s feeling this weekend:

“I feel fired up. It’s been a tough week, you could sit around and complain or you could move on and we did, move on. We had a great day of preparation tonight and last night. I’m excited, just super excited.”

How he prepared for West Virginia:

“I give myself 24 hours to get upset about a loss and when the 24 hours are up you can either sit around and think about it or move on to the next one. I had to teach myself that in football because you’re “I’m going to make a mistake, but you can sit around and brood over it, keep worrying about the last bit or move on to the next bit. That’s what we did this week. Like me I already said I think we had a great day a lot of practice today and a great night last night. We have a good game plan and we’re really looking forward to it.”

How he feels playing his last home college game:

“It’s something that just really hit me yesterday. It makes you quite sad because it feels like I haven’t been here for so many years. I remember coming to campus and moving to the dorms but now it’s coming to an end here in the near future. It’s a surreal feeling that I haven’t quite digested yet.”

Long snapper Matt Hembrough
About training at Boone Pickens Stadium:

“It’s better to be in the stadium because that’s where we enter the games. On this grass you get more real playing experience. You have the feeling of being in the stadium, the wind is the same. Obviously we’re in a windy conference. Lots of wind, lots of open stadium. It’s just about having the same routine.

On the difference between a good snapper and an average snapper:

“The biggest difference between a good long snapper and an average long snapper is consistency. At this level, there are guys who can throw the ball really fast, throw it really hard, or they’re athletic on the field. There aren’t many guys who can do all that and be consistent. You have to work on that, you have to be mentally strong because you can’t go out there worried. Can’t think about other things… You just have to have that strong mentality and be able to go out there and execute every time.”

As a semi-finalist for the Patrick Mannelly Award:

“I am super blessed and super lucky to be on the list. There’s a lot of really good snappers on it. I hope to be one of the finalists in Chicago and hopefully win. But for now, I’ve “I’m just focused on West Virginia and winning and ending my career here strong and with a win. Whatever happens, happens. If I’m lucky enough to make the finalist list, I will be very be blessed and enjoy the process.” thereafter.”

table football Tanner Brown
On plans after college:

“Once the season is over I’ll start getting ready for pro day and all that stuff and see where that takes me. The main thing is to prepare for Pro Day.”

Looking back on his time at OSU:

“I’m really thankful for the experience, I think I needed it in my life. I think after high school kids need to leave their hometown and go into a different situation and environment. It was the perfect place for me and I’m super grateful and I will definitely be back.”

As a semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award:

“It’s nice. The main thing is to just go out there on match day and take my kicks. But it’s nice to be recognized. It was a goal of mine, the main thing was to get in. Of course, do every kick, but have awards and awards at the end of the year are nice too.”