Gundy watches the regular season finale against West Virginia

Cowboy Soccer

STILL WATER – Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy caught up with members of the media during his weekly lunch to watch a preview of the Cowboys’ 2022 regular season finals against West Virginia. Here is some of what he had to say:

About the attitude of the team during training on Sunday:
“We have a pass-fail system every week. We got a fail last week. No one likes that. The good thing about this generation — without getting into a long, drawn-out deal — they kind of roll things through pretty quickly. They’re pretty resilient. Just like the phones, they’re on the next video and they keep rolling. We had a couple of guys last night who made a good lead. My job is to tell them the truth – or rather, give them my opinion, I may be wrong – but I’ll tell them my opinion on what happened and what needs to happen as we move forward. That’s really what we do.”

Especially on people who acted as leaders at Sunday practice:
Rock Martin actually got up and said a few words. JT [Jason Taylor II] did a good job. spencer [Sanders] always does a good job. Preston Wilson did well. They run. They drive on Sunday evening. It’s a tough run. If you win, it’s a fun run. When you lose, it’s even harder. We’ve had a couple of guys who get up and do a good job.”

On the importance of leadership within the team at this point in the season:
“They have to do it. It’s their team. It’s not me. All I do is tell them the truth and give them my opinion and they can do what they want with it. Then we try to get them to lead to the next game as a coach.” “They have to decide if they want to train hard and if it’s important to them. If they don’t play, I don’t play. I think they understand that. It’s none of my business. It’s important because they have to.” decide they want to do it.”

To develop the linebacker Mason Cobb:
“He’s in his first year. He’s just trying to figure out where he is on the field and trying to run around and make games. He needs to make more than 70 plays a game. There is a fatigue factor at play. He’s trying to learn different things happen. He’s working hard to wrap himself up. He hits with power but he didn’t manage to pack up and get the boys down. In Utah, in high school, he kicked these guys back ten feet and they fell to the ground. It doesn’t work that way at this level. He should be significantly different in October next year. It’s going to be a little slower for him.”

In the first quarter against Oklahoma:
“They put us in a couple of man coverages and made good throws. [Drake] Stoops made good catches. Offensively, the early results chose pretty much everything they wanted to do on defense because we were assisted and didn’t move the ball at all. That gave them a lot of freedom.”

To assess the performance of the offensive line against Oklahoma:
“Well, ironically, that was the guy who got the highest ratings over the past few weeks [Jason] streams. A few of the guys who have rated lower lately have rated higher in this game. I don’t have an answer for you, to be honest.”

On Spencer Sanders:

“I think fans will long remember him as a tough guy. His competitive nature, he plays injured, he fights. He took more hits on Saturday. That’s him. That’s why we like him and that’s why. ” The team respects him. He didn’t play as well as he would have liked, but we didn’t rush the ball and we protected him very poorly. That’s what you get. He forced a few throws that he was supposed to have just said, “You know what? It’s okay. We can kick a field goal or a punt.” That’s hard for a quarterback to understand. They always try to make a game. But his legacy will be his tenacity and long-term ability to play.”

On Logan Ward:

“He’s doing well. We’ve been terrible in terms of protection in the last couple of games, we haven’t done that well but we’ve changed some things that suit his punting style and we’ve been better. He has good job done.”

To solve the offensive problems in the long run:

“I have a lot of notes in my office and there might be a few things we might need to do differently than what we’ve been doing schematically for the past 15 years, but not much. Most offenses as we know will live and die with your quarterback Second they will live and die with a game breaker at wideout and running back… When your lineman covers the guys and they fight and tough guys and you a quarterback Who can make a game and a skillful guy on the wing and a runback, you’ll have good offensive numbers. We didn’t have that luxury out there and in the backcourt all year round. Schematically we could do a few things differently, but we don’t have to do much and we really don’t want to panic, that’s a few years now that we’re not getting this all together, then we go out to the Fiesta Bowl and run 600 yards offensive on Notre Dame. It was contradictory, but we have some answers.”

On West Virginia:

Well, they played well sometimes, they’re like everyone else in this league. The only team that could really avoid something was TCU. They were able to convert at the last second. The other teams in this league have been vulnerable every week but have shown signs of being pretty good. There are times when you see them on tape and they play as well as most teams in this league and then there are times when I’m sure Neal (Brown) wishes they played better than ours Team.

About Neal Brown:

He’s a top notch guy. The conversations I had with him at meetings, before games and wherever else I rarely met him, he understands family, culture and cares for the right people in the right way. Obviously that’s from afar and that’s exactly what I see of him. It’s difficult in our job, a lot can happen, but I have great respect for him as a person. I hate that someone has to go through what they could go through.”